Cheerful Buddha Review and Giveaway

Cheerful Buddha Review and Giveaway

I was recently contacted to ask if I would like to review Cheerful Buddha CBD coffee.  I am very interested in CBD products mainly due to the pain relief it gives with those in chronic pain.  So was interested to find out more. Now I am sharing with you my Cheerful Buddha Review and Giveaway.

cheerful budha cbd coffee

Who Are Cheerful Buddha?

Cheerful Buddha is a UK incorporated Cannabis start-up with a difference.  They aim to bring the best in class to the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil market int he UK and Europe and to be one of the first companies to provide high quality CBD beverages and edibles.

All of their products are 100% natural and manufactured in the UK, meaning their cannabinoid extracts are of the highest quality produced by one of the very few Home Office licensed Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp) growers.

Cheerful Buddha CBD Coffee

cheeful buddha coffee

Lets talk about the coffee, being a huge coffee drinker I was intrigued about CBD coffee, but do also know from experience of trying CBD oil that you can not disguise the taste which I can not stand.


  • 100g Colombian Blend Coffee
  • 100mg Hemp Derived CBD

The coffee beans are sourced only from Rain Forest Alliance (RFA certified) quality green beans with an irresistible taste and fascinating aroma. The real secret to their coffee is that it is batch roasted in the UK and then precision infused with healthy full spectrum CBD oi.  Which contains all the healthy cannabinoids and terpenes  of the cannabis plant.

Produced from hemp and lab certified in the UK, the oil is then infused with the coffee beans during the roasting process.  Creating an exciting and delicious new blend which helps to keep you calm whilst providing energy and focus.  Cheerful Buddha coffee contains approximately 10mg of CBD, helping you feel alert, calm and focused.

CBD through coffee is metabolised more slowly, producing a powerful and long-lasting effect and naturally wakes you up.

What is different about a healthy cup of Cheerful Buddha coffee?

Making good, healthy coffee is an art form. At Cheerful Buddha we source only Rain Forest Alliance (RFA certified) quality green beans with an irresistible taste and fascinating aroma that touch the senses of even the most demanding of coffee aficionados.

My Thoughts

cheeful buddha coffee pack

As stated I do have an interest in the CBD oil market, as it has been found to have great benefits to those who suffer chronic pain.  As many of you know C has a chronic illness and following others in the community it has huge benefits.  Unfortunately, I am yet to find something she can actually take.  As I said earlier the taste is something I can not stand.

A lot of people see CBD and automatically think drugs and this is bad for you.  Wrong CBD oil is perfectly safe and harmless.

Myself and my husband tried this coffee and we were both pleasantly surprised the coffee tasted great and at first I could not taste or smell the CBD,  Once I had finished my coffee I thought I could taste it slightly where as my husband looked at me as if I was mad as he could not taste it.

It does as it says on the packet, would I buy this again – yes I would.  We could both feel the benefits.

The Giveaway

Cheerful Buddha are giving one lucky winner the chance to try their CBD coffee, to enter see below

Cheerful Buddha CBD Coffee

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Cheerful Buddha Review and Giveaway

Cheerful Buddha Review and Giveaway



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  1. I have never tried cbd but have thought about it as hear good things from the cfs/me community. There are so many different products it’s hard to know where to start! Thanks for sharing.

    1. We have tried cbd oil and it was disgusting and I could not disguise the taste of it, I have heard great things about the balm but we have not tried that yet. I have not tried the coffee on C but it did help my husband who is in constant pain and there is no after taste x

    1. My daughter suffers with severe ME and Fibromyalgia we have tried the oil but she hated it and it is not nice, the balm is meant to be really good which we have not tried yet. But a lot of people in the ME/Fibro world swear by cbd products. It is just finding the right one for you x

  2. I used CBD oil to cope with what I thought was a frozen shoulder. It got rid of 90% of the pain but then I found out it was actually a tumour of the lymph node under my arm so I was really impressed that it coped with that sort of pain. I carried on using it through chemo to cope with the general aches and pains of that and now I wouldn’t be without it. Very intrigued to see it in coffee form!

    1. Oh wow that is amazing that it coped with your pain and so sorry about the tumour I hope it is all cleared now x

  3. I have never tried it but my friend has MS and uses CBD oil to help with her symptoms. She said that it has really helped

  4. I am a chronic pain sufferer and have been putting off taking CBD oil for the exact reasons you said in your post, I “automatically think drugs and this is bad for you”. I need to get that thought out of my head and try it. As a coffee drinker, I would be very interested to try it though this. Many thanks.

  5. I have never tried CBD before and didn’t know you could get it in coffee. I have however, heard some very good things about it and as I have chronic illness, I would like to give it a try.

  6. I have tried CBD before, but I didn’t get a strong enough dose to help with my pain, so I have to get a higher dose xx

  7. I have tried the oil on it’s own before, taste wasn’t great (!) but the most difficult thing was stopping the bottle and dropper leaking everywhere!

  8. I’ve bought it for my mum who has had an essential tremor in her hands for as long as I can remember, she takes it in capsule format and the result has been nothing short of miraculous! She can hold her cup of coffee now without it spilling and no longer needs to use a straw to dring, highly recommend CBD

  9. I have never used CBD Coffee before – it sounds good to me as a coffee lover and sufferer of fybromyalgia and spondylosis. I’ve tried CBD oil and capsules before, but not for me, however, I now use Hemp cream and it is brill.

  10. I’ve never tried CBD in any form, but my back hurts so much, I’ve been advised to try the oil. My partner Has used the drops (you pop under your tongue) for his anxiety and he really feels the difference! 🙂

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