Woolly Tales Review And Giveaway

Woolly Tales Review And Giveaway

We love books in our house, and ever since my children were little we have always read to them.  Even as babies as they grew we would talk about what we thought would happen.  Or we would make our own stories from the illustrations. Reading stories with different voices.  Which is why today I am sharing with you my Woolly Tales review and giveaway.  Which any child would love to read and experience.

About Woolly Tales

Woolly Tales is a lovely series of picture books aimed at very young children.  Each book has a different character which also includes the knitting pattern in the back.  So you can also have the animal to play with along with the book.

Each book features pages that are colourful and will grab a baby and toddlers attention.  Each book is written and created by husband and wife team Andy and Nicola, from their home in Surrey.

Andy who is a self employed graphic designer, illustrator and photographer has designed the characters, sets and the books.  Alongside taking the photos for the stories.  Nicola is a lawyer for a charity, and knits the characters as well as writing the knitting patterns, makes the sets and props for the stories.

The books and knitted characters are then put through a thorough testing by their 1-year-old son.

The Books

I was sent the above books to review, I have asked my Mum to knit the animals and will add these at a later date.

Merrybelle The Donkey

marybelle the donkey

Merrrybelle is a donkey who loves to sing all year-long, the story is full of bright coloured pictures showing what Merrybelle sings about during each season.

Dexter The Fox

dexter the fox

Dexter The Fox is a fox who loves to dance in his garden, find out what happens when he wags his tail or spins around.

Fairfax The Otter

fairfax the otter

Fairfax The Otter is the story of an otter who has a great imagination and the adventures he gets up to in his garden

Mookie The Bird

mookie the bird

Mookie The Bird is about a bird with a pointy, pecky beak and what she loves to peck away at during the day until she gets a surprise at something new that lands in the garden.

Sprackle The Mole

sprackle the mole

Sprackle The Mole loves to dig this story shares where Sprackle loves to dig morning, noon and night.

My Opinion

As already stated we love books in our house, and have always started our children young with their love of books.  This we have also done with our Granddaughter and she loves a books, with funny voices and brightly coloured pictures.  These are lovely books any child will love and enjoy.

There are a wide range of characters and books with prices starting at £2.99 up to £4.99 available at their Etsy Store.

The Giveaway

Andy and Nicola are giving one lucky reader the chance to win 8 books in the Woolly Tales series.  To enter see below

Win 8 Books In The Woolly Tales Series

Good luck on entering and why not have a look at my other great giveaways currently running.

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Woolly Tales Review And Giveaway




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  1. My little girl would love these, she is two in 2 weeks and loves books and animals, these would be s lovely birthday gift.

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