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The Real Way To Kick Any Habit

Most of us have one or two habits that we would honestly prefer we didn’t have. This is really pretty ordinary, and it’s something that we should not necessarily be ashamed of. If you have some kind of habit which is particular damaging, however, or which you are just keen to be rid of. Then it’s important to remember that the ability to do so is always in your hands. As long as you remember that, you should find that you find it much easier in general. And it hopefully won’t be too long before you are fully rid of the habit in question. In this post, we are going to look at some of the things to bear in mind. If you are genuinely keen to rid yourself of a particular habit – no matter what it is.


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Focus On The Gains

Generally, the reason we really struggle to get rid of a habit is because we tend to focus far too much on what we are apparently losing out, rather than what we are going to gain by getting rid of the habit. This is easy enough of a trap to fall into. As generally your habit will be something which you use and consider as a kind of crux. But if you want to be rid of it once and for all. You would do better to see it more clearly than that. And to think about all of the things that you are actually going to gain when you give it up. Rather than the stuff you are going to apparently lose. You might feel that smoking calms you, but really it just appears to because you are addicted to it, and need it to remain calm. Consider that you will get to a place where you don’t need it to be calm – that’s a gain.

Distract Yourself

For many kinds of habits, it is often necessary to find some kind of replacement for it, even if that doesn’t mean going down the line of getting a direct replacement, like switching from smoking to vape liquid. Even distraction which are non-direct can be helpful, such as chewing gum or whatever might be relevant for the specific habit you are seeking to drop. If you can distract yourself long enough and well enough, eventually you won’t need to turn back to that habit again, which is exactly the kind of progress you are hoping for.

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Make Yourself Accountable

It is easier to achieve any difficult thing if you make a point of making yourself fully accountable for it. In other words, if you are to tell someone whose opinion you care about and respect that you are trying to give up this habit, then you will kind of have someone to report to, as it were, and often that can be enough to kick that habit once and for all. Be careful who you choose here – it’s much better to go for someone who won’t let it slide, but will remain kind about the whole thing.

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The Real Way To Kick Any Habit

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