A Lovely Childrens Book Review and Giveaway

A Lovely Childrens Book Review and Giveaway

Children love books and looking at the pictures or reading them or being read to.  I read to my children since before they understood what a book was.  I will always promote reading with children, which is why I am happy to share a lovely childrens book review and giveaway.

The Book


The Adventures Of Jenny And Philip

Jenny lives in a Yorkshire village with her Aunt and Uncle, and her best friend Philip.  Who is a talking cat. Jenny is a loveable, heastrong girl, who knows her own mind. One day a little boy moves next door called George.  They make friends and laugh and play all day, having lots of fun. Until Cousin Jessica comes to stay. Can Philip the cat teach Jenny a lesson in friendship and sharing?

A message from the Author

Leeds author and award-winning journalist Dawn-Maria France, said “I decided to write a children’s series featuring a confident little girl following her adventures.”She continued, “I wanted to write an original children’s story, set in Yorkshire, that is engaging and fun to read, showing Jenny’s journey of life learning and exploring the relationship between Jenny and her best friend, Philip, the cat.

My thoughts on the book

I love reading stories with children that also has a meaning, in this case it is about how to treat people and sharing.  As a parent you can talk to your child about the story, and feelings and a lot more.  They also learn so much more in this way too. The book is well written and very enjoyable and something I feel all children should read.

The book is available to purchase at Amazon

The Giveaway

I have a lovely giveaway where I have 10 copies of The Adventures of Jenny And Philip to be won.  See below on how to enter

The Adventures Of Jenny And Philip Childrens Book

The giveaway is running until the 4th November so that you can receive your prize in time for Christmas.

Good luck


A Lovely Childrens Book Review and Giveaway



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  1. I loved Fantastic Mr Fox. My mum used to read to me every night and I would usually pick a Roald Dahl book

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