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Perfecting the back to school routine

After six weeks of freedom, it can be an absolute nightmare getting the kids back into their school routines, particularly with the sun still shining and the weather still holding. Every year we go through the same rigamarole of buying new clothes, making sure the backpacks are secure and the alarm is set (multiple times) but aside from making sure they are physically prepared, they need to be mentally prepared too. Here, well underline a few tips and tricks that will help lay the foundations for an easy and relaxed back to school experience.

Lockdown your sleep schedule

Its only natural for the bedtime and morning routines to have been disrupted over the break. You might have been on holiday, for one thing, and the late days might have made it more difficult for early nights. Its important, therefore, to ensure the sleep patterns return to normalASAP. For the week before going back, experiment with getting them to bed at the right time. If they complain because its still light outside, install blackout blinds to keep the sun at bay. The sleep schedule is vital, as your kids will be happier and more productive if they are well-rested. So this is the first and perhaps most crucial thing to sort out before moving on.

Do a dry run

On the Thursday or Friday before the last weekend, practice a dry runof the first school day by getting them up at the right time, dressing them and getting them out of the door. That way, you can focus on the things that didnt work and get them right on the big first day.

The night before

The night before your kids are due back at school, make sure everything is 100% ready to go before heading to bed. Ensure that the backpack is cleaned and ready to go and is asked full of all the books and stationery required, the shoes are spotless, the new school uniform is freshly ironed and the school lunch is nestled safely in the fridge. That way, when they get up in the morning you can treat it like a military operation. It also helps a lot if you make sure they dont eat too late in the evening and have a regular bath time that will help them get into a healthy and relaxed nighttime schedule.

Going back to school should be a time of gentle relief for you and excitement for them. Dont look at it as the end of something, but as the beginning of something. School can be an incredibly positive and rewarding time in a childs life (indeed, the very best days of their life) and preparing them for going back in a calmly and happily will help facilitate this life-changing experience for them. Good luck!

Perfecting the back to school routine

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