Back To School

It is back to school, and no matter how as a parent we try to be prepared.  Making sure we have everything our kids needs for their return, there is always something we have missed.

Or they come out of school, the first day or within the first week and have lost something.  We have all been there with this one.  Here I am sharing a few items you may not have purchased, or need to re-buy.

Drinks Bottles

Drinks bottles are the one thing that seem to get lost all the time.  Like many parents I have cupboards full of them as you just know they are going to come home without their bottle at some stage.


If your children are slightly older, they need stationery and accessories, Wish have some great back to school, or replacement items that your children will love.

They have a huge selection of great priced items, that your child will love, we love the items shown above, and having fun items, will make lessons a bit more interesting.

I always found that after school started, there seemed to be a list of other items we needed to buy.  There is never an ending to what you need to stock them up with.

Have you found your child has lost something on their first day?

Or have you thought you had got everything they needed, to find that you still need to buy more items?

Back to school is not easy.

Back To School

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Comments (14)

  • Davindra 5 months ago Reply

    I long for the days when I can buy stationary and a water bottle for my kids. Now that they’re in university they’re looking for laptops.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    Laptops are much more expensive and although a necessity you can not beat new pens and stationery

  • Dalene Ekirapa 5 months ago Reply

    Back to school is indeed here! I just got a pencil case and drink bottle for my younger brothers as they get back to school. Also, some mathematical sets too.

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    There is always things you forget or need to rebuy I used to love having all new pens etc when I went back

  • Tabitha 5 months ago Reply

    The stationary is a definite must… I am obsessed with it as and an adult and I had so many notebooks even just for personal use when I was in school. I love stationary!!!

    admin 5 months ago Reply

    I am the same and have passed this over to my daughter as well, you can never hav too much

  • Annemarie LeBlanc 5 months ago Reply

    I am done with this phase of rearing children. It was such a tough ride back then, but thankfully we survived – just like you will too. I love those drink bottles, btw. They look so fashionable and I am sure they are sturdy too!

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    All parents have to go through this stage and always come out the other side with their war wounds x

  • Kate 5 months ago Reply

    These are very useful tips especially if you have more then just one child!

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Thank you

  • pooja Malkani 5 months ago Reply

    Love the stationary you shared! My son will start going to 1st grade and I still need to shop for a good water bottle.

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    I found you need at least a couple of water bottles as they can forget to bring them home or lose them x

  • Ana 5 months ago Reply

    Don’t have kids yet but I do understand that when it comes to raising kids, nothing is enough. It is better to be prepared with all the possibilities in an advance!

    admin 4 months ago Reply

    Having kids means a never ending stream of buying things and replacing items they need

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