Tweet Beats Giveaway

Tweet Beats Giveaway

With Christmas not far away, and here before we know it.  The kids will be wanting everything they see and adding to their ever growing list.  I have a lovely review and giveaway to help with the present list.  Tweet Beats where you can make your own music.

Tweet Beats

tweet beats box

The Tweet Beats just love their music, each one has their very own style and sound. Place a Tweet Beat on a branch of the tree (there are 4 branches to choose from) and you will hear music.  Each Tweet Beat has their own beat, bass, melody and vocal in their own music style.

Meet the Tweet Beats

  • Beach Bobby from Jamaica – music style reggae – Beach Bobby says ‘When I am not chilling, I am busy relaxing. My music is inspired by the ocean and the sound of coconuts dropping on the beach,  I think I am a really good surfer but I have never tried it.  My favourite food is ice cream.’
  • Jenny  from United States – music style girl band – Jenny says ‘Ever since I was a little bird I wanted to be famous.  I think I should be the star of Tweet Beats because I can sing, dance and I simply have what it takes.  When you are really fantastic like me, it is also important to be humble.  And I sure am the best ot being humble.’
  • The Kid from United Kingdom – music style boy band – The Kid says ‘The best night of my life was when I won Next British Boy Band.  My fans love me, but hey! What is not to love? All I need is a stage and room to practice my moves. If I had to choose between my music and my hair? Easy! I would choose music…no hair.’
  • McJay from United States – music style rap – McJay says ‘ Yo! I am from the Streets, that is a small village in America.  Do not mess with me cause I hate cleaning up yo.  I used rap as an escaple from the Streets and I never looked back (except when I visit for holidays and birthdays).’

By combining the Tweet Beats you can create your own songs.  Switch the birds to make the most beautiful Tweet Beat combinations and listen to the coolest music.


The Giveaway

I have one set of Tweet Beats to give away to one of my readers.  To enter see below.  Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions and complete all mandatory sections.

Tweet Beats

Good luck.

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Tweet Beats Giveaway




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  1. What song reminds you of your childhood?
    Roll Out the Barrel, my dad sang this at a talent contest in Bulins . . . and he won!!

    1. Dodgy-good enough reminds me of my childhood as my mum always used to sing it to me with the words wrong! 😂

  2. Brahhms lullaby as I had a toy monkey that played it when wound up. Sadly it doesn’t play anymore but I still have the monkey on my bed!

  3. Making your mind up by bucks fizz. Me and my brother used to pretend we were bucks fizz and sing and dance to this all the time when we were little.

  4. Africa by Toto as it was the first song when I started watching Top of the Pops as a child. I had to go and watch it on my Mum’s portable black & white tv in the bedroom & the reception was terrible, like watching a snowstorm!

  5. Lily The Pink – The Scaffold …………I feel ancient looking at the previous songs commented which seemed fairly recent to me!

  6. I loved the glam rockers of the 70’s so one of the songs that always makes me smile is Ballroom Blitz by the Sweet

  7. Hero by Mariah Carey, as my Dad loved Mariah Carey and played her music a lot. It was the first ballad I heard and I really loved it.

  8. Stacey Q’s Two Of Hearts – I used to love staying up late to watch Gloria’s Music Box and catching amazing songs on Gloria’s show and Stacey Q’s was one of them. Loved all the outfit changes in the vid and still do to this day.

  9. Build Me Up Buttercup was the song that was always belted out in the car, even though it wasn’t contemporary, particularly when we passed a field of yellow rapeseed.

    1. Madness – baggy trousers, it’s a song my dad used to put on to entertain me and my brothers, we used to jump up and down dancing, we loved the music and my dad could get on with his work.

  10. Paul Simon, Graceland – my parents used to play the album in the car and i would sit with the lyrics from the cassette box singing away!

  11. ‘You are my sunshine’ reminds me of my childhood as my dad always used to sing it to me and I love it x

  12. Star Trekkin by The Firm. We used to go to Haven alot and had a caravan on Golden Sands Mablethorpe. I used to love dancing to it and now every party i have to play it and dance along. It never fails to make me smile.

  13. Heartaches by the Number was played a lot in our house from a station that only played old music. I used to sing along to Huddocks by the Number!

  14. The Hole in the Ground by Bernard Cribbins
    “Don’t dig there, dig it elsewhere.
    You’re digging it round and it ought to be square.
    The shape of it’s wrong, it’s much too long,
    And you can’t put a hole where a hole don’t belong.”

  15. Ice ice baby by vanilla ice i still know every single word from when I was about 11 ….. I’m 41 now haha !!

  16. Whistling Jack Smith – I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman It very often came on the radio when we were in dad’s car and dad used to whistle along with it

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