Swizzels Sweet Hamper Review & Giveaway

Swizzels Sweet Hamper Review & Giveaway

One thing that always takes us back to our childhood is sweets.  When I was younger you used to have the penny sweets and go in the shop with your 10p to choose your favourites. Or get a quarter of something (yes I am showing my age).

I was recently contacted by Swizzels to ask if I would like to review their sweet collection.  For a sweetaholic I could not refuse, and I knew I would have willing helpers as well.

swizzels hamper

Retro Premium Sweet Hamper

I received the Retro Premium Sweet Hamper which is full of all the sweets from childhood, plus a few newer ones that we have grown to love.

What’s inside the box?

rainbow drops

The top layer is one of my favourites Rainbow Drops


The next layer you will find packets of Squashies

double dips

Next you will find Double Dip I used to love these when I was younger as well especially the sherbert


Then you will find a huge selection including

  • drumstick lollies
  • double lollies
  • parma violets
  • love hears
  • fizzers and more

The hamper really is a sweet lovers dream and bursting full of all the above.

My Opinion

One thing I have found over the years when buying sweet selections like this, is the disappointment on receiving them.  Usually what you see in the picture you are buying is not as impressive as what turns up.  The lovely selection you think you are buying is far less.  I have always known Swizzels are a reputable brand, they have sweets from all our childhoods.  On opening the hamper I was very impressed that it was full to the top.  You literally could not have got another sweet in there. I am definitely going to be making my purchases from here from now on.

The Giveaway

If you have a love of sweets like we do, or know someone who would love to receive this hamper.  I have one hamper as shown above to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.  Full Terms and Conditions are shown on the entry widget, please ensure you complete all mandatory sections

Swizzels Sweet Hamper

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Swizzels Sweet Hamper Review & Giveaway

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  1. OMG Double DIP! I didn’t even know they still made them! I absolutely used to love these when I was little <3 What a fab hamper, would love this – really nostalgic.

  2. I loved sherbet dips and made them last for ages and ages. I remember tearing open the packet and licking the paper too, I was obviously a disgusting sight!

  3. My friend and I used to walk to the loa Post office and buy a double dip each and walk back chatting and dipping. Total nostalgia

  4. I loved Opal fruits, I didn’t mind the name changing but they changed the flavours too, loved that they brought them back this year for a limited time

  5. I grew up in Switzerland and we had these sweets the cola frogs I still buy them when I’m over there and love them, full of sugar and make my teeth hurt but they take me right back to my childhood

  6. I love the purple liquorice flavour boiled sweets with a chewy middle. They were in the 1p pick and mix at our corner shop

  7. I love parma violets and double dips i used to give the stick to my sister and just eat the sherbet lol. Dip dabs were best because i liked the lolly as well as the sherbet

  8. My absolute favourite sweets of my childhood were Trebor’s Mummies sweets – They had ghost stories on the inside of the wrappers.

  9. So hard to choose, I absolutely loved sweets as a child! I think I would definitely say haribo sour mix is my favourite especially the cherries. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway

  10. my husband loves his sweets every day i do the washing i will find a random assortment of wrappers in his trouser pockets 🙂 he would love this

  11. I loved the fizzy cherries. I like sucking all the sugar off them first and then eating them…still a guilty pleasure.

  12. My favourite sweet was cough candy. We used to get a quarter of those and a quarter of clove candy (I forget the proper name) on a Friday, after school.

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