Snax The Sloth Giveaway

Snax The Sloth Giveaway

One thing children love is cuddly toys, even better is one that you can interact with.  We recently received Snax The Sloth to review. Snax is a loveable Sloth that talks back to you slowly, we have fallen in love with him and find him hanging around in various places.

About Snax The Sloth

Snax is a lovable sleepy sloth that will soon become your cuddly best friend.  He lives in New York, but finds living in the fast lane tough.  Which is no suprise as we all know that sloths do everything slowly.  Snax favourite things to do is hangout and sleep, but also loves to talk.  If you talk to him he will talk back to you very slowly. Snax also has very long arms so that he can hold on to anything and is great for giving cuddles too.

  • Eyes and Mouth open
  • Talk to Snax and he repeats slowly in sloth talk
  • Long arms to hold onto things or give great cuddles.

Snax the Sloth is available to buy in all good toy shops and online retailers for £29.99

My Opinion

We have tried various interactive toys over the years, and also found them to be great fun and very cute. They always give something a bit extra to just a cuddly toy.  Children love them and they soon become firm friends.  We have loved playing and interacting wtih Snax and can see him becoming a popular Christmas list addition.

The Giveaway

I have one Snax The Sloth to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.  To enter please see below.  Please make sure you read the terms and conditions and complete all mandatory sections.

Snax The Sloth

Good luck

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    1. My fondest Christmas memory was from when I was 8 and my parents got me a red bike and a hat. The hat was a camouflage military jungle hat which had a nylon cord that would go over your chin to keep it on. I loved that hat even though it did not fit my head well. You see I had a huge head for a child. A head that was huge and covered in bright red hair. I would run around and play army in that hat. Chance a rooster who would always attack me when I went outside. That bad fitting hat always have me courage that I never had had before. That’s what good hats do after all.

      1. My favourite Christmas present was a Lego pirate ship. Me and my brother got matching ones with different coloured sails. They were amazing fun!

  1. My favourite Christmas present as a child would be the lovely Enid Blyton books I had and also the Christmas Annuals

  2. A long story, but my cousins, who were older than me, used to have a huge cupboard full of Sindys and their clothes etc. I used to play with them when we were visiting. One year near Christmas we visited and I went to play with them, only be to told that they were on their Christmas holidays so weren’t there (I was young enough to believe this of course), so ended up playing with their other toys. Come Christmas Day and there was a huge bin bag under the tree with my name on it, my parents had bought me the Sindys from my cousins (as they were too old for them and had said it was OK to sell them).

  3. My aunt brought me a kitten for Christmas when I was 13. I called him Jake and I had him for 18 wonderful years <3

    She did not ask my parents permission first lol

  4. My favourite Christmas present was E.T., he talked, had a red hoody and his chest lit up. I loved him, reminds me of Snax!

  5. A racer bike – my dad had said they couldn’t afford a new one so many times , but got one and I asked is it a new one

  6. It has to be the Lion-O figure I received when I was around 6. I loved that thing. Thundercats was my favourite TV show.

  7. I got a scented diary from my mum one year .it had different coloured pages and a padlock . I loved it so much and wrote in it everyday .

  8. My care bear house. I still have it and my kids play with it now along with my care bears. my little boy is sloth mad so he would love this as much as I loved my care bears.

  9. I got a radio controlled car, I loved hiding in the house and driving it infront of bemused walkers, cyclists and motorists in the street. (It was a quiet street with children often playing games so its not as bad as it sounds)

  10. My first bike. It was pink with stabilisers and tassels hanging from the handle bar. I could hardly breathe I was that excited.

  11. When I was about 7, money was tight and I remember my dad sold a shot gun to buy myself and sister a present, it was a wicker chair with a Teddy on, I be still got it to this day nearly 40 years later

  12. I got both a Barbie and a My little Pony for Xmas when I was 7 and was over the moon as I only thought Santa brought you one if your top choices, not them both. Haha how innocent was I, kids these days know how much things cost and expect a whole lot more than we did back then, to me they where priceless.

  13. I remember getting a bright pink pair of roller skates. I got more cuts and grazes courtesy of those skates than I’d had in the previous 8 years!

  14. My grandad bought me a Teddy bear which I kept until I had my daughter I gave it to her. He was really battered but really loved

  15. Mine would have to be the bike my parents surprised me with one Christmas! I didn’t think I was getting one as they told me my present was being stored in the tiny computer box room we had upstairs – when they opened the door to it on Christmas morning I was so surprised! How they got a bike in there I will never know!

  16. My Silvercross pram and doll. I’ve still got the doll which the Grand kids find amusing as her knees bend so she can actually sit on a chair.

  17. I always loved Chemistry sets – I got one periodically when one was done with then I’d get a different one at Christmas xx

  18. One year I got a really cool walking dinosaur toy which I absolutely loved!! I can’t remember what it was called, but it was amazing. Dinosaurs were always my favourite.

  19. It was 2002 and I was 8 years old. Yes received tickets to my first concert, the pop group S Club 7. I cried and cried and cried with happiness. I still have the ticket stub!

  20. The Magic Robot. I spent many hours pondering how it was able to point to the right answers every time. Quite an advanced toy for the 1950s

  21. My favourite gift was a Wii for me and my sister. We played for months and months and it really brought us together

    1. My favourite christmas present was a cabbage patch doll. I named it “oscar” after the baby in Ghostbusters 2 haha. I still have it now. It freaks my husband out.

  22. One year I got a microscope set. I spent hours and hours looking at everything I could find and even made my own ‘lab book’. Good times!

  23. My favourite was a set of Disney Books which told all the stories of the films. I read them over and over again and I’ve still got them.

  24. I had loads of fab presents, father christmas worked really hard to bring me what I wanted. But the best ever was a saxophone.

  25. My Dad made me a dolls house, I loved it! Its lasted over 30 years and has now been passed onto my daughter.

  26. My fave Christmas present as a kid was my big yellow teapot (showing my age!). Why don’t they make them anymore?

  27. I once got a Wendy house which was already set up in the living room when I woke up on Christmas morning….I loved it

  28. My favourite present will always be my first bike when I was 5. It was pink and shiney and my dad taught me to ride it on boxing day!

  29. I got a trampoline for Christmas when I was about 8 years old. It was a great present and well used for many years!

  30. My favourite was a red bike I got when I was about 8, it had white handlebars and a picture of an apple painted on the frame. I loved that bike!

  31. I loved my roller blades, I couldn’t wait to get out on them! I’d fall over just looking at them these days!

  32. A walking talking doll – in the late 60’s or early 70’s so was amazing when you pulled a string in the dolls back she spoke!

  33. A decorative / beautiful doll which securely sat in her armchair, which was a musical jewellery box. The chair with the doll rotated as the music played. A wonderful gift from my Mum, which we chose together one Christmas Eve. Delightful!

  34. My favourite was my Commodore 64 so many hours of typing out programs just to see my name flash on the screen

  35. I remember getting a horse finders keepers toy, a toy where you could hide things inside. I’d wanted it for ages!

  36. We were a family of 5 children with very little money coming in. So we didn’t get the fancy presents our friends got, like bikes or Tiny Tears dolls. But I can honestly say we never thought Santa had short changed us. We all believed in Santa but we didn’t question why we got small presents. My favourite presents were always the colouring pencils. Brand new pencils, crisp and clean ready to create a masterpiece. Perfect.

  37. The little plastic record player with coloured discs with nursery rhymes on I felt so grown up having it by my bed.

  38. My Litebrite. OMG did i love that thing. I even used to make my own designs with black paper. IM so so glad theyve brought it back into circulation it was a great toy x

  39. My Amstrad Cpc 464 with all the coloured buttons. I loved it and its still in my mums loft as couldn’t bare to part with it.

  40. My fave ever Chrismtas present was my He-Man Castle GreySkull. I loved been able to house all my figures and make up stories and adventures for them all

  41. I have two favourites – a green and yellow Triang scooter (I was never allowed a bike as we lived on a hill with a main road at the bottom) and a small pocket transistor radio which I used to put under my pillow to lull me off to sleep!

  42. My favourite Christmas present when I was younger was a giant cuddly Snoopy. He was my ‘best friend’ and we would spend hours climbing trees or watching tv together (I was an only child!)

  43. Mine was a baby doll. My sister had one and I really wanted one so when I got up Christmas morning and that’s what I’d got I was over the moon

  44. I wanted a new bicycle so much, got my gifts but no bicycle but was mad up with what I had until my Mum said my neighbour wanted me to go and wish her a Happy Christmas and she said Santa had delivered a present to the wrong house it was my bike:) so happy

  45. The best Christmas gift I ever received was a handmade dolls house from my grandad. It was made from an old chest of drawers and it was beautiful.

  46. I loved the bright pink guitar I had – I used to play just 3 chords over and over until one day it mysteriously broke!

  47. A cabbage patch kid doll iwantedone for so long and finally my parents relented and got me one and it was the best present and most played with present of my childhood.

  48. Do you love taking a selfie or do you need help in creating great selfies?
    I am not the greatest at it, prefer to leave it for someone else, either the pic is obscured by the sun or half a head missing, lol.

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