Looking after your teeth during pregnancy

Looking after your teeth during pregnancy (1)

Morning sickness, tiredness, frequent urination, back pain, mood swings and bizarre food cravings are just a few of the unpleasant symptoms women may experience while pregnant. One of the lesser-known side effects that’s actually very common, is dental problems. Looking after your teeth during pregnancy Hormonal changes can make your gums more easily irritated and […]

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Compass Continuing Health Care

Compass Continuing Health Care (1)

As we grow older, our loved ones do too, and with this it also includes their health declining.  We all know as we start growing older we start to slow down. We have different medical needs and over time need more care. Hearing seems to be the main complaint in my house (me included), both […]

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May Round Up

may round up

I know I am slightly late this month as we are nearly a week in.  How can we be in June and half way through the year already.  So here is my May Round Up. May Round Up Starting Off With C It has been a mixed month here with C, she has been quite […]

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