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Compass Continuing Health Care

As we grow older, our loved ones do too, and with this it also includes their health declining.  We all know as we start growing older we start to slow down. We have different medical needs and over time need more care. Hearing seems to be the main complaint in my house (me included), both my parents need hearing aids, which I am forever telling them to use and get told they only need it for shoppjng or something. I have always suffered with my ears and build up of ear wax and build up and have at times visited an ear wax removal clinic, to help reduce wax build up.

But what do we do when a loved one needs additional care or support.  We all live busy lives and sometimes can not be there all the time to give the help and support that is needed.

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What do we do if we have a loved one who has had a stroke, suffers with dementia or any other medical condition.  That changes their lives.  They have been treated in hospital and are back at home.  How do we continue with giving them the best care that they need. Whilst trying to be there for them and live our normal daily lives of having to work, run around after our children.

This alone, is hard, having to deal with the change in all our lives. But also having additional costs on top to provide the best care we can.

About Compass Continuing Health Care

This might not be as unattainable as you think. Compass Health Care offer free healthcare provided by the NHS to those who have significant and ongoing healthcare needs.  Which can be received in a home, hospice or even their own home. As this is about health needs and not location.

To be eligible for Compass Continuing Health Care, you need to establish that your need for care is primarily health related. Which must be assessed as complex, substantial and ongoing. Your income and savings does not matter and you will not be means tested. As everyone is entitled to NHS CHC funding.

How Do I Apply

The first stage is a continuing healthcare checklist which will determine whether you are entitled to free care.  The assessment is usually carried out before a patient is discharged from hospital to a nursing home or into health and social care. But if the patient is already in a nursing home or remains in their own home.  Then the responsibility for conducting an assessment lies with the Clinical Commissioning Group for the area.

The assessment then goes through a range of various areas of needs and are scored on separate levels.


I never knew this level of care existed. It is certainly something that will make care for both my parents and my mother in law easier, if a times comes when they need it.  I know it will make a lot of you more relaxed with your own families care needs as well.  As this is something that often causes so much worry and stress to both the patient and those caring for them. The Compass Continuing Care website is full of information and also has a form for you to start the process.

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