Living with A Chronic Illness

Continuing Your Mobility With Fenetic Wellbeing

Having mobility problems can make life more difficult.  From sitting comfortably in a chair and then getting out of the chair.  Also when out and about where walking is not possible.

Continuing Your Mobility With Fenetic Wellbeing

Although they make life more difficult, they do not have to stop you leading an active life. Which is something Fenetic Wellbeing are aware of.

Who Are Fenetic Wellbeing?

Since 2009 Fenetic Wellbeing have been making it easy to buy mobility products online. Offering a wide range of high quality products at affordable prices.

No matter what your mobility needs are they have a solution that will make your life that little bit easier.

What My Wishlist Products Are

As many of you know my Daughter has a chronic illness, which also affects her mobility.  I have listed below items we either have and use or would make life easier for us all

Shower Stool

shower stool

Showering is not easy when you have a disability, and a shower stool or chair can take away a lot of the pressure and make showering easier. This really is something you really do need.

Bath Step

bath step

This is such a simple idea, but have you ever thought about getting into a bath, if you had problems with your legs, neither had I until I was faced with this dilemma.

Recliner and Raiser Chair

recliner chair

We brought a recliner and raiser chair last year, mainly for when my Mother in law was staying, but now C uses it when downstairs.  These are amazing for those who need to lay a little flatter than sitting up, or those who need help when getting up from a chair giving them support to help them safely stand.



We could not get by with out our wheelchair, this has made getting out so much easier for us. Even trips to the hospital are easier.  This is like the one we have although bulky getting in and out of the car it is sturdy.  There are so many designs available it is just a case of going for the right one for you.

This is just a few of the items that they have in their store.  If you need mobility help or know someone who needs help, you will find everything you need, or even items you did not realise you needed.

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