Another month has flown by, can you believe it is October already.  Where has the time gone these months are flying past way too quickly.  This means only one thing time for my September Round Up.

Starting With C

I will start off with C,  and what a month she has had. We had a meeting at school regarding her tuition, which she also attended.  The meeting went well and it was agreed she would have 3 x 1 hour tuition a week.  Starting at home and then moving to school. After the meeting I took her to pick her new glasses up from the Opticians, unfortunately her legs gave way walking out and she collapsed onto the floor.  The staff helped me to get her up, and holding onto me she managed to walk to the car, this is why we use the wheelchair.

Last week, I had to take her to the Dr and she has an ear infection and has been on antibiotics.  She is still saying it is hurting her. She also managed 2 of her tuition sessions which is amazing.

Another battle

I have written about the lack of medical help we receive, and this month I have been fighting about her Neurology appointment.  She was last seen in April and should be seen every 3 months.  I contacted the hospital and she was on October’s list and then moved to November.  She is having constant migraine headaches and suffering.  A lot of emails back and forth and we have an appointment today.

Going Private

As C is going to be 16 in November, I have arranged for her to be seen by a private Consultant at the end of November.  She used to see him before he retired to do research and his private patients.  We are so happy she is now old enough to be seen by him and hopefully get the treatment she needs to help her.

Everything else

I will write a full post about this once treatment has finished, I had my follow-up gynea appointment last week.  Am now waiting on a scan and another follow-up.  Plus looking at having another hysteroscopy which I am not looking forward to.

It has been a busy and quiet month due to me not feeling too good and C adjusting to tuition and being ill.

Christmas is Coming

I have been busy working on my Christmas gift guides which will be going live at the end of the month

Hopefully you will find some great gift ideas that will help with your shopping this year.

There is my September Round Up, how has your month been?


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