Blogtober – Breast Cancer Awareness

Blogtober 2019 - Breast Cancer Awareness

Yesterday I introduced myself to you all, and updated those who have been following me for a long time.  Today is day 2 and Blogtober 2019 – Breast Cancer Awareness.

I know there are many other cancers out there but today, we are talking about breast cancer awareness.

As all women know, we should check our boobs regularly.  I usually do this when in the shower this way you get to know your own body and if anything does not feel right. I have now had 2 scares that I am going to share with you all.

The first time

About 5 years ago I had a heavy discharge from one of my boobs.  C was older so it was nothing to do with milk production.  I did the right thing and went to see my GP who examined me.  She referred me to a breast clinic and told me the appointment would be within 2 weeks, not to worry as this is standard.

The appointment came and I went along feeling nervous.  I was given a mammogram and ultrasound and examined by the Dr.  I then had to wait a week for the results.  It was a burst duct which would heal itself.

The second time

As I am of an age now, I got called for my first routine mammogram in the Summer.  I had been checking my boobs regularly and was happy all was ok.  I had the scan done and went away thinking that is it for another 4 years. Until the following Saturday I got a letter with an appointment to go the following week for more tests.

I went along feeling sick, I was scared.  I was seen by a lovely nurse who went through everything with me.  They had seen a dark spot and wanted to check it further.  All going well it would be another mammogram and then sent home.  I went to the waiting room and sat with a room full of other nervous women, one being my neighbour.

I was called in for my mammogram and then sent back to the waiting room.  Then I was called for an ultra sound and asked to go back to the waiting room again.  They could see a dark patch and wanted to take biopsies, and place a metal marker by the dark patch to keep an eye on it.

The procedure

I was taken back into the room where I had my mammogram, and got my boobs back out while one Dr and two nurses put me at ease had me chatting and laughing.  Luckily I did not feel a thing while they took the biopsies and inserted the marker.  I had to wait in the waiting room again, and was given an appointment to return the following week to discuss what they had found.

The day before my appointment a nurse called me, I went into a panic and then let out a huge sigh of relief when she told me everything was ok and I did not need to go in for the appointment.

As you can see even checking your boobs you can never tell what is going on.  If you are called for mammogram go, if you are called back go.  It is scary at the time but if they had found something it was early enough to be treated.

You can see yesterdays post here.

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  1. What a a scary time it must be you’re certainly right about getting things checked and attending appointments and pushing through your fears #blogtober

    1. I won’t lie and say it was fine, it was the scariest moment of my life, but I have a very practical husband who made me realise. That if it is cancer it is treatable and very early on, if it is cancer we will deal with it. In my mind I was going through a mastecomy and reconstruction. But what I will say is don’t bury your head face it head on everyone is so lovely and if it is cancer deal with it as it won’t go away

    2. I too had a scare after my first mammogram. I was called back as they’d noticed some darkness. Luckily everything turned out ok but it was very scary. I’d like to say to other women it’s quite common to be called back after your first mammogram as they have nothing to compere it too.

  2. I always check myself when I’m in the bath. We really need to.
    I am so glad you are Ok. It must have been such a worry for you x

    1. It is important to check reguarly, even through checking I never felt anything which is why it shocked me so much to be called back

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. It goes to show how important it is to look after our bodies and spot any changes. #blogtober

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. I cannot even imagine the range of emotions that you must have had as they kept sending you back to the waiting room. So happy to hear all is well!

    1. It was scary, and worrying but knowing they were checking thoroughly helped and I left knowing that if there was anything wrong it is early and would be picked up

  5. Sounds really scary, I have a phobia for hospitals or check ups hence me never going to do any kinds of tests but with my family history I do know I will be given an appointment soon.

    1. I wont lie it was scary, but please do go along for your appointment, the not knowing is worse than anything else. Take someone with you for support.

  6. I’m so glad that you did not end up getting breast cancer. We have it in our family so I know how important it is to get regular mammograms.

  7. I believe it is a scary thought but it is very smart to go in for the check ups even if you feel ok.
    It is always better to know (even bad things) as early as possible.

    1. Thank you, I find reading other peoples experiences helps me to feel less alone, and hopefully I have done the same and offered some support and reassurance

  8. Especially in terms of cancer, early detection is really your biggest chance at survival, so regular checks are important. I could feel your anxiousness as I was reading your post. It’s good to hear everything is fine. Take care.

  9. I lost my mom and my aunt to breast cancer. It is a horrible disease and so difficult for the family to have deal with seeing a loved one wasting away due to the cancer. It is important that we always listen to the signs our bodies give us to be able to get treatment the soonest time possible!

    1. So sorry for your loss, I have lost family members to cancer and it is hottible. It is so important to check your bodies and go for screenings when called.

  10. I can imagine that it has been very stressful for you, but glad you went and decided to keep an eye on it. Hopefully your experience and your advice will encourage and motivate us all keep up with the regular checks.

  11. Wow. Thanks for sharing this story. I can only imagine how scared you must have felt. You took it in stride and I am glad you are OK. I am very sorry for your loss

    1. Thank you, I am hoping by sharing someone going through the same will read this and know they are not facing it alone and get some comfort

  12. Gosh, I am so glad you are okay! And I think this post is fantastic, it is sharing awareness for something women, myself included, don’t like to think about! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, it is so important to check yourself regularly and go for screenings when called no matter how scary it is not always bad news

  13. Thank you for sharing your story. It reminds everyone that we should screen for breast cancer and other cancers regularly! it is so important!

  14. What a scary time you must have had, thank you for sharing you story. It is has highlighted just how important it is to check yourself regularly x

    1. It was scary, and was so relieved when I got the all clear, although I do have a metal marker in my boob now. It is very important to go for your scans when called or if you find something that is not right x

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