Blogtober 2019 – All About Me A Year On

Those of you who have been following me for a long time, will remember every October I take part in a month of posts.  This is where myself and a group of other Bloggers post a different subject each day.  So welcome to-day one and Blogtober 2019 – All About Me A Year On.

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All About Me

For those who are new to following me, I am Sam aka StressedMum and I live with my long-suffering husband of 17 years and our Daughter who is nearly 16.  I also have two stepson’s who have both made us grandparents, and am loving the role of Nanny.  On top of this I have two dogs to complete our mad house.

I started StressedMum when my Daughter was just about to leave Primary School.  Thinking I would have a lot more spare time on my hands without school runs etc.  How little did we know that she was ill when she started Secondary School and crashed into a chronic illness on new years eve.  That moment our lives changed, and 4 years on we are still no further forward. You can read more about our journey here.

When I started my blog it was going to be all about the ups and downs of living with a tween.  Which we did have for a few months.  Then it changed as we began our battle,   Don’t get me wrong, she can still be a stroppy teenager and grunt rather than use words.

A Year On

Since last year, I have been blogging the same, although I had a total crash on my website a few months ago.  This has led to a lot of my old posts being lost (I am still trying to see if I can find them hidden somewhere).  There has been a lot of tears and tantrums, and hopefully will now be ok.

I have had a year of suffering, the menopause is not kind, and am currently under the hospital with mine.  I am going to write a dedicated post to this.  Once I have got everything under control, as know it may help some of you if not now in the future.

My Daughter has been our main priority this year, the medical profession has let her down and we even ended up seeing our MP.  She turns 16 next month, can not believe my baby is growing up.

So that is an introduction to me, who I am, my family and personal life and blog.  Why not say hello in the comments and introduce yourself to me.

Look out for Day 2 of Blogtober 2019 tomorrow.

Blogtober 2019 - All About Me A Year On



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  1. Hi lovely to meet you.
    I’m joanna mummy to Blake who is 5 in December and I write about parenting and Lifestyle. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts this month #blogtober

    1. Hi Joanna lovely to meet you too, this is my third year of taking part in #blogtober and looking forward to meeting and reading everyones posts

  2. So good to see you taking part in Blogtober again.
    That is rubbish about the crash on your website, I hope the blog posts eventually turn up.

    1. Lovely to see you taking part as well 🙂 I know I have found a site that snapshots pages and found a lot of them there. Also a good way to prune out old irrelevant posts as well, so trying to make it a positive

  3. Nice to meet you Sam! I look forward to following your Blogtober journey this year! I’m a mom of two girls, both under 3. I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now!

    1. Nice to meet you as well, and hats off to you 2 under 3, mine are grown up with my youngest turning 16 next month,, I do have a soon to be 2 year old granddaughter

  4. It’s suprising how much can change with both family and blogs in a year isn’t it? Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Ah that sucks about losing old posts , I hope you can manage to find them somewhere. Looking forward to reading more #blogtober posts of yours

  6. I’m attempting it too this year although I’m going off prompt mostly. Great to get to know you better!

  7. Hi its lovely to meet you! I am Fiona (but go by Fee to everyone) mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter and live in Bonny Scotland. I hope to complete blogtober this year and I look forward to reading you posts over the month.

    1. Hi Fee lovely to meet you, fingers crossed we both manage to complete blogtober. I look forward to reading your posts as well x

  8. As ever your love for your family and in particular C shines out. Best laid plans eh? Life will throw those troublesome curveballs. What is great about you is how through all your challenges including your own health issues, you are always there so generously for others. One of my absolute best finds in the blogging world #Blogtober19

    1. Aww that is lovely to read, I don’t do anything more than you or others do, and my family and friends which you are part of are my world

    2. Hey gal! I’m Kayla! I love how open and honest you are in your blogs, that’s incredibly admirable. I’m excited to see what other stories you have to share throughout Blogtober.

  9. Hi Sam,
    Lovely to meet you. I am Lizzie, mom of a second grade boy and a baby girl. I am looking forward to reading your #blogtober journey, and stay strong & up!

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