Every Child Deserves An Education

Every Child Deserves An Education

You will remember back in January and February, I spoke about our fight for an EHCP.  Like many other children, C has been let down and discriminated against, because she has a chronic illness.  Is this fair? Well the answer is no, as every child deserves an education.

Summary of our journey – part 1

In January, I wrote a post when your child is let down with education – part 1. Im this post I explained on the beginning of C’s illness and her education over the past few years, or lack of it in recent years.

In October 2019 during a meeting with her school and tuition team, I spoke about an EHCP for 2020 as this is when she would be facing sixth form or college.  I was told (and this is in the minutes of the meeting), that it was all in hand.  In April 2020 I chased this and found nothing had been done. We were told we were on our own and to apply for one.

We did this and it was refused as she did not have issues to warrant one.  We put in for an appeal, getting legal advice which cost a fortune, the date was set.  Just before this date in November 2020 our LA pulled out and agreed to go to panel again. We had meetings and the panel refused her application.

Part 2

In February I wrote part 2 or our battle. I had received the evidence they made their decision on (which most of it was laughable).  With this in had I set to battle again, the co ordinator was lovely and supportive.  With her help and the help of one of the others who had given a report, we set to battle again.  In this post I wrote what your next steps are and how to move forward. The multi agency meeting which I thought would be a waste of time, was very helpful and left me feeling more positive.

An Update

After the multi agency meeting, I was feeling much more positive, there was only three of us in the meeting but we went through everything.  Also the other two were coming up with suggestions I had not thought about.  I was then told that it would have to go to panel again.  I emailed on 9th April to see if there was any updates and had a reply last Friday to say she was just going into a meeting but would ring me after.

My phone rang and I was ready for the next battle, it had not gone to panel yet, but she spoke to her Manager and with all the evidence it was agreed we would get our EHCP.  We are now just waiting for the draft to come through.

It is emotional, lonely and scary facing this alone, you see others getting the education they deserve, but your child who is ill or needs support it is not that easy.  I hope with these posts, I have shown you are not alone, to keep fighting and tips on how to fight.  But never give in, if you are in the right you will get there.

Have you any stories or tips to help those going through this?

Every Child Deserves An Education

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  1. I dont have any tips I am afraid. I work in a school/home for children who are severly autistic and some have other issues top of that for example adhd and other learning issues. All around the school are posters about how every single childen deserves an education and these children who have severe needs are taken to their place of education everyday and they have a wonderful time learning new things even though it is very difficult so yes, every single child deserves an education no matter what their circumstances.

    1. Every child does deserve an education, but sadly this is not always the case, my daughter has had no education since April 2019. I have had to fight so many battles and knock down so many brick walls to get here

    1. It has been a very hard fight, but we got there in the end along with a lot of tears and tantrums along the way. I wanted to share our journey as I know there are so many others going through the same process

  2. I admire your strength and perseverance. Stay strong and don’t lose hope. I believe that every child deserves to receive an education! I have seen a similar scenario with my aunt. My cousin, her 4th child, is severely retarded and was turned down by every school they went to. My aunt decided to just do home school. Even if my cousin has no speech, he can at least “say” what he needs through actions.

    1. That is so sad, your aunt sounds an amazing mum, we did look at home schooling but C did not want this she wanted to go to school

  3. Amazing blog post, definitely agree. A lot of children fall through the cracks and it isn’t fair. Everyone deserves a chance in life.

    1. Thank you, this was not a child falling through the cracks it was being let down by the system, which sadly happens a lot

  4. I am so glad that it has come through in the end but you seriously did not need to go through all that. It is shocking how much you have all been let down. It’s always some jobsworth who has no clue deciding the fate and it’s totally unjust. Still, your voice was heard and it just proves, you should never give up fighting for what is right! Sim xx

    1. Thank you, it was such a huge relief to hear we had finally got it, it has been a long battle and one I never thought would end. And yes you are so right with a jobsworth having no clue, but we did get there and sharing our journey I hope helps others going through the same

  5. I agree. Education is so important at any stage in life and everyone has the right to the opportunity to learn and develop.

    1. Everyone does deservce the opportunity, but sadly those who have an illness do have to fight it is so unfair, as having to struggle with an illness is hard enough, without the extra battles that goes with it

  6. You are such an amazing mum, I am glad you are fighting for what is right for your daughter as she deserves an education for sure

  7. That’s so good that C is getting EHCP, not that you should have had to fight for it in the first place, but it’s a step in the right direction x

    1. Thank you, it is a huge relief, just need to wait for it to come through and look at where we go now for her education

  8. Fingers crossed the draft comes through soon. You have been through the wringer with this and I hope it all gets sorted out soon for you.

    1. Thank you, it has been such an emotional and draining battle and one that really was not necessary. But we got there and we can now move forward, just hope the draft comes through soon so we can look at moving forward

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