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Does My Child Need a Private Tutor?

Whether your child needs to prepare for an exam, or they need help with a particular school subject, a private tutor could be the answer you are looking for.

Private tutors offer a number of benefits to children. They can help your child to improve in problem areas or they can provide support across all lessons. Having a tutor can help your child to develop their academic skills and feel more confident.

Tutoring is often seen as a way of helping children who are struggling with learning; however it can also be used to enhance the skills of children who are doing well at school.

To help you decide if your child needs a tutor, here are four signs to look out for, provided by a co-educational preparatory school in West Sussex

Falling behind

If you have noticed a significant drop in your child’s grades or their teacher has noticed that they are falling behind the rest of the class, then this is a clear indicator that they require additional learning support.

Easily frustrated

Does your child seem unusually emotional when you discuss schoolwork? Is your child reluctant to go to school or do they get easily frustrated when trying to completing homework? These issues should always be discussed with your child in order to identify the cause. Perhaps you could discuss the help of a tutor?

Lack of effort

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Have you or your child’s teacher noticed a lack of effort in school work? This could be down to the fact that they are struggling to understand a particular subject. A tutor can provide extra support in these areas, to help maintain their interest and keep them feeling motivated.

Missing deadlines

If your child is continuously missing deadlines or their homework is taking a very long time to complete, then tutoring could help them to get back on track. It can also provide them with better time management strategies. Check out this popular tuition agency to see their list of tutors available.

Does My Child Need a Private Tutor?

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