Blogtober 2020 – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Blogtober 2020 - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

It is day 12 of Blogtober 2020 and today the theme is Girls Just Want To Have Fun. So with the song going round in my head, lets see how I have fun.

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When you are younger, you never realise it but every day is fun.  When you grow up and have responsibilities of working, paying bills, running a home and looking after your family.  Fun can be forgotten about. So, how do I have fun?

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In my house not a day goes by when I do not do something or say something totally stupid, that has everyone laughing at me.  Which in turns has me laughing,  they just go Mums off again.


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I have two dogs who drive me crazy at times, but also so great to have around.  One of our dogs loves a good argument with you, you can honestly have a conversation with him it is so funny.  They are both mad and funny and create a lot of fun and entertainment.


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Spending time with my family, is something I love and where I can truly switch of from everything and have fun.  Whether it is time with my husband, my kids or my grandchildren.  These are the times I cherish although the grandkids are all under 3, and I forget how tiring that age is, they are also the funniest ages as well.

Going Out

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Whether it is with my Daughter (the odd times she is up to it), my husband, friends I love going out and having fun.  Chatting and catching up, having a laugh.  Whether it is a shopping trip, out for a few drinks or meal.

My husband says each day find one thing to make you laugh, and this is what we stick to.  How do you have fun?


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  1. Lovely happy post, we have to look for the things that make life fun. I like that your things are so simple yet enjoyable.

  2. Well done for sticking with Blogtober! I always find spending time with my pets great fun and my cockapoo, called Ronnie, is always up for playtime.

  3. I love this! Your list is very similar to what mine would be. My family certainly keep me laughing or are laughing at me! Especially my almost teenager but his is usually all about mocking me!

  4. I am totally with you! I was so much more of a risk taker especially when I was younger. These days, I am far too sensible, but equally as fun I hope! Sim x

  5. That’s lovely “each day find one thing to make you laugh”. I think it’s something everyone should do. I tend to do it loads each day but then I suppose I’m a bit of a comedienne.

  6. Spending time with my family and going out with my friends. I went out for a meal on Friday and it was just the tonic I needed.

      1. I love that line about finding one thing each day that makes you laugh. Sometimes it can be so hard to laugh, but I like that little reminder to look for the good in things.

  7. I can’t go a day without laughing, me and my fiance always have a laugh together and it makes life feel that bit better. For fun I also love going out into the fresh air, or binge watching episodes of my favorite TV shows x

  8. You are right girls do just want to have fun, I love to get together with my mum and friends to have a good catch up xx

  9. Honestly having a pet (or two) is so good – they always make you laugh and give you something to do 🙂

  10. Aw this is such a lovely happy post and a great way to get to know you a little more! Laughter is so important so it is great that you can find time to laugh every day as a family. Also going out always makes me feel so much better too.

  11. I love this post it’s such a fun and happy post. I love spending time with my family and it’s nice that we still make eachother laugh even though we have been in each others pockets during lockdown

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