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A Handy Guide for Creating a Fun Family Room

It’s always great to have a room in the home you know is devoted to family fun and pastimes, a room you can fill with all the fun things you need and design it to be the most practical space for whatever your family likes to do to pass the time. It’s also helpful to have all fun pastimes devoted to one room (especially if they’re messy pastimes like painting) so that you can limit the mess in the rest of the house!

If you’re looking to create the ideal fun family room, here’s what you should consider.

Fill it With Natural Light

Natural light is key for creating an inviting space and to be able to see what you’re doing. It’s also essential for positivity and good health — the more natural light, the better! You should, therefore, think about this when planning your family room. Choose a room which has a lot of natural light or good-sized windows, and make sure to dress the windows to allow in as much light as possible (such as using white blinds instead of thick, heavy curtains).

You can also use mirrors on the walls or reflective furniture to encourage a brighter area .

Storage is Key

You want a room jam-packed full of entertainment and fun things to do, so you’re going to need a lot of space and storage to keep everything. To make sure that you can still keep the room tidy and less cluttered, but not have to compromise on the items you want to keep in there, the right storage is going to be key.

Wall shelves are great options for storage, as they won’t take up any floor space, and tall storage units are great for providing drawers and shelves that extend upwards rather than taking up too much space directly in the room.

Any furniture which can also double as storage will be helpful, too.

Include Lots of Choices

To keep the family entertained in the best way, make sure that there’s plenty to do for everyone. Think about the various pastimes you and your family might like to try. This could be:

  • A craft station
  • Painting and drawing supplies
  • Bookshelves and a reading nook
  • Board games or Arcade Machines
  • Musical instruments
  • A television or tablet to watch movies or online videos

Think About What’s Easy to Clean

You don’t want your family room to be too demanding when it comes to keeping on top of cleaning. Think about surfaces which will be the easiest to maintain, such as leather furniture, wooden flooring to be wiped easily, or surfaces which don’t stain. Try to avoid anything like white fabric furniture or rugs that will be difficult if stained and easily marked.

You could also use protective sheets and slipcovers when needed if some pastimes are messier, like painting, so that you can protect all items in the room without having to worry about marking anything.

Get the family together to discuss ideas of how to make your own fun family room perfect.

A Handy Guide for Creating a Fun Family Room

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