A Gift For Men With Trendhim

A Gift For Men With Trendhim

One thing many of us find difficult, especially at this time of year is finding that gift for the man in our lives.  If your husband is like mine, he is a nightmare to buy for.

I would not say he is fussy, more he knows what he likes.  He also says it is a waste of money buying for the sake of buying.  Which I do agree with.  When I look for gifts for him I generally try to find things I know he uses or would like that he has not got.  Which is why when Trendhim asked me to join up with them I could not refuse.

About Trendhim

Trendhim are all about the accessories.  Showing that they are not just for dressing up for special occasions, but a way you can express who you are in your own way. By offering quality accessories that are fashionable and affordable.



After looking through the whole of the Trendhim site, I decided to go for something different to anything my husband has had previously and chose the Modern Black Straight Razor for disposable blades.  The features for the razor are

  • A high quality razor
  • Offers a unique shaving experience
  • Works on a disposable blade system so you can change the blade whenever you want
  • Saves money on buying shaving cartridges at less than 1/10 of the cost
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box


Trendhim are also offering one of my readers the chance to win this razor for themselves or the man in your life.  See below on how to enter.

Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions and enter ALL the mandatory sections

Win A Modern Straight Razor For Disposable Blades

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A Gift For Men With Trendhim



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  1. I was recently gifted a hand sanitiser bottle with my name on which you clip to your bag. It’s very handy!

  2. Torch keyring – always handy when I’m a bit too ’emotional’ to get my key in the lock at, say, just gone closing time……

  3. I have a glasses holder in the shape of a boxer dog. I laughed when I first saw it and thought ‘what the heck??’ but I’ve been putting my glasses on it whenever I take them off, I’ve never lost them since!

  4. I got an absolutely gorgeous scarf last year. It’s black with gold leaves on. It’s so pretty and perfect for the autumn.

  5. My favourite is a belt that holds my phone, glasses and small coin purse. Just love it. I walk a lot and don’t want to carry a backpack all the time. Winter is fine because I have a big jacket with lots of pockets but summer with a t shirt and shorts -not many carrying places.

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