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How to Create Your Own Unique Space in Your Home

Many of us are suffering from hectic and out of control lives than ever before. Be it demanding jobs, a growing family or the struggle to get everything done makes us long for that quiet, alone time to gather our thoughts. Here we discuss How to Create Your Own Unique Space in Your Home

How to Create Your Own Unique Space in Your Home

If this sounds familiar to you, have you ever thought about creating a private retreat area in your own home?

It doesn’t have to be a large space. It can simply be a dedicated area where you can relax, unwind, read, and most importantly, just have ‘you time’. 

If you have a conservatory or an unused room in the home, this is, of course, the perfect option. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t. There will be a space in your home which you can turn into a special spot dedicated to just you. You just need to create it.

Some older homes have walk-in rooms under the stairs, and some have lofts and basements. It can even be a quiet corner in the spare bedroom, Made up of a few scatter cushions, a rug and a little bit of floor space. 

There are no rules to creating your own unique personal space within your home. However, the below may feed your inspiration and help put you on the right path to creating one:  

A Reading Corner 

When you ask someone what they wish they had more time for in life, it is almost guaranteed that they will say they wish they had more time to read. Settling down with a good book in total peace and quiet can be hard to achieve these days. However, if you create a small, cosy little reading area. It will be something you will plan to do much more often. 

Have a look around your home. Is there a quiet corner in the bedroom or home office where you wouldn’t be distracted? Ideally, you would need to set up a comfy chair that you can snuggle down in, with a view looking outside if possible. This helps you appreciate relaxing for a moment and enjoying just gazing outside. It is much more soothing than you would think! Ensure there is a lamp nearby, and a surface to rest a mug or anything else you need. 

Make Use of Conservatories

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory at home, this is possibly the best space to convert. Into your own private space. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to sit back and dream/contemplate/close off your mind. So make sure you have a comfy sofa or relaxing reclining chair that you can position in your conservatory. 

By being surrounded by a room full of glass, the natural light will boost your mood and lift any stressors away – even if just temporarily. Therefore, it’s important to position your relaxing chair in the brightest area of your conservatory. 

Never underestimate the power of private, uninterrupted time, exposing yourself to as much daylight as possible. You could even set up a small desk situation inside the conservatory, or a little side table which can hold your laptop, tablet or notebook. Many brilliant ideas can be achieved when relaxing in a bright and airy room. 

Of course, conservatories are mainly associated with the summer months, in which people can be put off using them during winter. If you opt for having a solid conservatory roof instead of glass panels, you will benefit more due to being both thermally efficient and modern, plus sleek to look at. You can visit to find out more. 

Soak Up The Privacy

If you’re struggling for a physical space in the house that you can turn into a new space, why not look at those existing rooms? 

If this is the case, never underestimate the bathroom. Those who run in and out of the shower in five minutes flat are seriously missing out on one of the most reinvigorating and de-stressing situations they can create. 

One of life’s best pleasures is to indulge in a hot, bubbling bath. Why not set an hour aside each week to set a relaxing and comforting mood in the bathroom? Get the lighting right, play some chilled out music, and use your most premium bath products. You can even light a candle and bring a glass of your favourite tipple in with you! 

Remember, it’s all about creating a private space that features everything you need for an hour to break away from life. The time spent soaking in a bath is completely your private time, where you can gather your thoughts and give your mind and body some TLC.  

The bottom line is that even if you don’t think you physically have the space for your own private retreat area – you actually do. It’s all about finding that cosy corner or area which you can enjoy time on your own to de-stress. 

Remember not to feel guilty or wasteful when you escape to your dedicated area. Everyone deserves their own time to just zone out!

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