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How to style a home with wooden flooring

Wooden flooring has been a go-to texture for many years. However, as modern technology creeps into more industries, luxury vinyl flooring has come to be a household feature. And the wooden flooring texture has progressed even further. So, how do you design a room which such a flooring? Continue reading to find out.

Matching furniture


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To form a sense of elegance and continuity throughout your home, matching the legs of your furniture to the wooden flooring you have is your best option. The ideal settings for this strategy to work are in the dining area, kitchen and bedroom.

Textured layering


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Soft furnishings such as blankets or cushions can help to incorporate a homily feel, even in the largest of spaces. As we will go on to mention, the use of contrast can also come into play here, so that your home always has something to catch the eye of your visitors.

Contrasting rugs


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Large spaces which boast natural elements can sometimes appear banal. To prevent this, choose rugs which are of a significant size, which display unique patterns, try Aztec, Persian or block colours and are directly contrasting to the rest of the space.

Dressing your windows


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If you’re working with a room where the wooden flooring naturally brightens the space, you should opt for burgundy, dark brown or blue curtains which will give depth and distance. Whereas, dark wooden flooring requires bright curtains such as white and cream, which will instantly give your room a luxurious feel from the depth of tone they help to create.

Neutral walls and furniture

neutral wall

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You will find that darker flooring often has warmer, more inviting tones, where it is best to add in furniture and fixtures which offer the same feel. On the other hand, if you’re working with wooden flooring which is vintage, washed out or beached, you should work with colder tones, such as charcoal grey, ice blue and pastels.

Find your flooring first

wooden floor

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Whether you’ve got already had your gorgeous wooden flooring fitted and need a little inspiration, or you’ve just embarked on a renovation design, there are so many ranges that could help you make your interior dreams come true. Amtico has a versatile collection of vinyl flooring ranges which exploit the many functional benefits of luxury vinyl flooring. See this for yourself with the Spacia, Abstract and Signature Woods collections. Luvanto has many ranges such as; Endure Pro, Parquet and Click and Herringbone, but also puts luxury vinyl flooring to the test with their wide selection of colours and tones.

Knowing some great flooring ranges can help to give you great decorating ideas and make a sound flooring investment, all that’s left to do is choose the one for you.

How to style a home with wooden flooring

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