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When You Need New Flooring

Recently while I have been doing my housework. I have been looking around my home at all the little jobs that need doing.  Along with all the bigger jobs, which includes fixing things, putting up new lighting, decorating and new flooring. What to do When You Need New Flooring.

My husband always seems reluctant when I start doing this, not because of how my list will look.  He knows it will always result in at least one room being totally transformed.

The Little Jobs


I always start with the little jobs, you know the jobs I mean a drawer that needs fixing, a light bulb needs changing, a shelf needs putting up.  These are the silly little jobs that take a few minutes to repair, but take ages to get done.

The Bigger Jobs

These are the ones we often tak about but never get much further.  Strangely these seem to be the jobs I have more items for.



Like many people, there is nothing I love more than a newly decorated room.  Unfortunately, for me it is not just about choosing colour schemes, new wallpaper and paint.  There is so much more.

Can I move my room around?

I get quite bored with my furniture, and am always looking at different ways I can arrange my furniture.  Which I can only do in some rooms.

Any little repairs that need doing

If I am looking at moving my room around, this means that we may need to carry out a few repairs to the walls.  Filling in little holes etc.


I know that this is something many of us can not do every time we decorate, but I do buy decent carpets. I usually try to replace one room each year with a new carpet.  This way I keep my flooring looking as good as I possibly can.  Last year was my hall, landing and stairs.  This year I am looking at a new carpet for my Daughters bedroom.

The finishing touches

This has to be the biggest thing for me.  I love all the finishing touches which often means new curtains, cushions, throws, light fittings, rugs.  They are all the little things that can make or break a room for me, and you can be as daring or as neutral as you want.

The massive jobs

I am also currently wanting both my bathroom and kitchen updated.  I know these are going to have to wait as they are expensive jobs. Also I am not in a position to not have a working bathroom or kitchen at the moment so these jobs are in the pipeline.


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