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A Look At Flooring Options

With having your own home, you get the freedom to decorate and style as you want.  With this comes many different options of how you do this.

At the moment we are looking at flooring options for our whole house, but mainly the bedrooms. Which can become very expensive, depending on what options you go for. There are a few flooring options to choose from.

The options we have are


Farmhouse - Dark Oak Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is the top of our list at the moment, it is much more affordable than real wood flooring, and comes in a variety of different finishes. From traditional oak to light tones.  Laminate is not as hard-wearing but ideal for bedrooms that does not have the daily traffic of the family walking on it, the dogs walking across and having to be cleaned at least once a day.

Having laminate flooring in the bedrooms means, it makes cleaning the floors so much easier than carpets, and you can add a rug or two if you require something a little softer to walk or stand on.




Carpets, especially newly laid carpets are lovely to walk on, and add that extra warmth to your home.  But thinking long-term, especially if you have children and pets.  The upkeep is harder work.  You are constantly hoovering up dog hairs, crumbs etc.  Then there are the spills as we all know how easy it is for a drink to be knocked over and having to get the stains out.

For me as a busy Mum, the laminate flooring is the one that appeals the most.  It means that keeping the floors clean will be easier and so much quicker.  Plus you can choose a lovely rug, which is one of my downfalls as I love rugs, which can be changed so much easier than the whole flooring.

What floorings do you have in your home?

A Look At Flooring Options

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