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Time To Change Our Flooring

With the colder wetter weather coming, or after the past few days with the wetter weather.  I seem to have been cleaning my floors more than usual.  This is due to my two dogs who like nothing more than running about in the garden and then leaving muddy foot prints all over.

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While I have been mopping and hoovering, I have been looking at our current flooring.  Thinking it is getting tired and old, or I am just bored of it.

Flooring Options

We have been talking about different flooring options, carpets are great. However, with pets, and in certain rooms they are just not practical. We currently have tiles in the kitchen but keeping them clean is a full time job.  We both love wood, and love wooden flooring.

Wood flooring looks great and is so much easier to keep clean.

Solid Wood Flooring

solid wood flooring

With so many different types of flooring options it can take time to find the option that is right for you.  We have decided on solid wood flooring.  We have decided on this because it is solid wood, the flooring will have a unique look as the boards will be random lengths as well. The flooring is cut straight from the tree trunk.

Solid wood flooring is sturdy and great for areas that is walked on a lot.  If the flooring starts to look a little tired, it can be resanded and varnished to bring it back to looking like new again.

There are so many advantages to solid wood flooring, compared to other flooring options, including –

  • The planks are made from just one solid piece of hardwood
  • Flooring has a long life expectancy
  • You can choose from different types of wood from light to dark wood
  • The flooring is very durable and requires less repairs, cleaning or replacement
  • You can sand and repolish to make it looking new again, and not having to replace your flooring

For us and our home, this seems to be the best option.  What are your thoughts on solid wood flooring do you like it or do you prefer a different option?

Time To Change Our Flooring

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