Blogtober 2020 – If I Could Turn Back Time

Blogtober 2020 - If I Could Turn Back Time

Day 7 of Blogtober 2020 and the prompt is If I Could Turn Back Time.  As will all the prompts it is down to each of us to interpret it as we feel.

I found this very easy, as it is something I have wished for many times in the past.

22 years ago we said goodbye to my lovely Grandma, she was an amazing woman who I loved dearly.  My heart broke the day she died. Even now I think about her all the time and sometimes talk to her. Two years later my Grandad died, I believed that they were back together again. If I could turn back time I would bring her back for many reasons.

1. Her Greatest Wish

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One thing my Grandma wished for was a great-grandchild.  I was married but we never had children of our own.  She never really liked my husband either. She never told me either of the above it was my Mum who told me once she died.

I would love her to meet C, she would have loved her so much.  Although I would have had to stop her spoiling her so much. I regret so much the two of them never met, although I do see C in her, especially with a look C can give.   This truly is my biggest regret in life that this never happened for either of them.

2. Seeing Me Happy

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My Grandma was a very clever woman, she could read me like a book and knew how unhappy I was even behind the smile.  She would have loved my husband (this is my second marriage), and to see me happy.  She would have also loved both the boys and would have spoilt them as much as she would have C.  I am lucky my Grandad met my husband and the boys.

If I could Turn Back Time

I wish I could just hear her voice, see her smile and give her a cuddle one more time.  It is strange but when C was a baby, I swear I could smell her perfume.  It never scared me, I felt comforted and weirdly happy, as I felt she had met her great-granddaughter and was looking over her while she slept.

What would you wish for if you could turn back time?

Blogtober 2020 - If I Could Turn Back Time



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  1. My nan passed in 1996 and our family started to drift apart. There is always someone we will miss. My Mum loved my little girls and I’m so glad she got to meet them, but she would have loved my boy too and she never got to see him. We have to hold on to our happy memories and let them live on in us. x

  2. Aw, I know what you mean, my Grandad and my Granny didn’t get to meet my children and my Nana had Alzheimers when I did so it was tainted.

  3. This really bought a lump to my throat. I think about my Mum every day and what I wouldn’t give to hear her voice or for her to have had more time.

    Thank you for sharing x

  4. It is so hard when you miss someone. Sending love and hugs. I would have loved my grandad to have met my kids. They would have loved him, he was the best x

  5. I can so relate my mum didn’t see me in a happy relationship
    But she adored my eldest child and I know she would have been utterly in love with my youngest two kids xx

    1. It is probably the hardest thing that she did not see me happy with an amazing husband and would have adored my daughter

  6. I don’t really know what I would wish for if one could actually turn back time. I tell my oldest, while there are certain choices I wish I’d made differently, every choice, and even every minute, are what led me to have him and his brother and I’d never change that.

  7. I would love my younger kids to meet their great-grandparents and my biggest regret is not really listening to their tales of the war and exactly what they did to help the country

  8. Mine is very similar to yours I wish my grandad could see me now, He passed away from cancer when I was 8 and I wish he could have seen me go to uni as I know he would have been proud and just seen me grow up x

  9. Oh this was so emotional to read, if I could turn back time it would be bringing my nan back too! She passed away when I was 11 (the first day of secondary school) and I always remember her telling me she would be happy if she got to see me get married and I hold the guilt with me that it never happened whilst she was here. She was like a second mum to me and I have so many lovely memories of her that I love sharing with my kids.

    1. My Grandma was like a second mum to me we were so close, I do believe to this day she has met C as I swear I could smell her around me when I was putting C down in her cot x

  10. If I could turn back time, I’d wish to see my Dad and that Olivia would have the opportunity to have met him. They would have got on really well.

  11. I wish I could speak to my paternal grandparents again too. I was so close to my nana and spent a lot of time with her when I was young. In fact I felt closer to her than my parents.

  12. Reading this brought a tear to my eye. I wish I could turn back time and see my grandma again too. She would have adored my kids 🙂

    Louise x

  13. I’ve made it through 21 days of straight blogging for the Blogtober Challenge 2020. I’m kind of looking forward to it because I didn’t realize how time consuming it was going to be. More than likely I’m going to do it again next year. But for next year, I’m going to add an index of fellow bloggers who are doing Blogtober (right from the get go). Something along the lines of Bloggers taking the Blogtober 2021 challenge.

    This year I lost my Dad (who was getting ready to turn 83) in June. There are so many things that I see that remind me of him. Reading your post reminded me of that it’s hard to lose a loved one.

    1. I have managed to make it through every day as well for the first year. I am sorry you lost your dad it is difficult losing a loved one

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