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The Beauty Of Wood

When I was growing up, I used to love spending time at my Grandparents house.  My Grandad was a carpenter and ha his own workshops on his land.  I used to love going in and watching him work, and the smell of wood always transports me back to those days.

green-leafed tree at daytime

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Using Wood Around The Home

We all have wood around our homes, probably more than we really think when you start to look around.  It is a natural material.

Window Frames

Older houses and also some new houses have wooden window frames.


We all have doors in our homes, which are made from wood and also the door frames


engineered flooring

For many of us we have wooden flooring, as it has shown to be easy to keep clean and maintains it’s natural beauty.  Such as engineered wood flooring.  The beauty of this is you can choose your favourite wood, it is durable and if it starts to get a little tired.  You just need to sand it and re oil.  Which is also a much more efficient and cost effective way, rather than buying a totally new flooring.


white and brown wooden cabinet

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Other ways to incorporate wood around the home is through accessories and furniture.  Picture frames are a great way to add wood to your home.  Also furniture such as wardrobes, beds, storage spaces.

I am a keen lover of wood and having wood around my home, if you go for a natural real wood, you will get something that lasts a lifetime and also each piece is unique to the wood you are using from the grain of the tree.

Do you love wood? What pieces do you have around your home?

The Beauty Of Wood


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