Blogtober 2020 – Millennium

Blogtober 2020 - Millennium

We are now into Day 8 of Blogtober 2020, and today the theme is Millennium. I do love the song.  I am loving the song themed title prompts as I have the songs going around in my head while I am writing the post.

When I was younger the year 2000 seemed like a long way off.  We also watched films and TV programs where the year 2000 would be all science fiction like.  How wrong was I.

The Year 2000

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The end of 1999 was totally different I had come out of an 11 year relationship and going through a divorce.  I had also met my husband and enjoying a new relationship with a man who loved and cherished me. As opposed to my ex who I now realise had me in an abusive relationship.

I was working in banking, and there was all the scare stories that the internet could go down, security systems could go mad.  I was chief cashier and the Bank of England were on top of this and I ended up being in control of £1 million.  Honestly it is not as impressive as you think it is. But it was a very scary responsibility.

New Years Eve 1999

I wanted to celebrate the end of the 90’s with a bang.  We had decided to meet up with friends in London and watch the fireworks welcome in a new era.  It would also be the time where we could say goodbye to the past and look forward to our future.

Unfortunately, my husband was ill, 21 years later I have not seen him so ill.  At one point I though he was going to die on me.  So with me nursing him we stayed home and watched the fireworks on the TV sipping a coffee.  But we were together.

Luckily he started to recover, but it was scary.

How did you see in the millennium?

Blogtober 2020 - Millennium




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  1. I remember Richard Madeley on This Morning going on about getting a ration kit and survival kit ready 😀

  2. Sorry to hear about your awful relationship, but it sounds like you have a good one now.

    Is it bad to say I honestly don’t remember how I saw 2000 in. I would have been 20 at the time with my mum, sister and dogs with a drink in hand. Other than that I am coming up blank.

  3. When I was a kid I imagined there being hoverboards and time travel in the year 2000. lol
    I remember all the worries about the thought of computers crashing. What a worry to be in control of all that worry at such a scary time. x

  4. I can’t believe the millennium was already 20 years ago! I remember going to the Millennium Dome and my family hosting a party 🙂

  5. It sounds like your life has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m so pleased your husband is starting to recover from his illness.

  6. It’s crazy to think that 20 years have past since Millennium and my mummy remembers being a kid and thinking it was ages away too! My folks meet on Millennium eve for the first time and have been together since!

  7. I was about 10 weeks pregnant and suffering from terrible morning sickness, but we did go out and celebrate. I was the designated driver of course

  8. I don’t think I can remember what I was doing to celebrate at the millennium but I can remember all the talks about the internet crashing and being quite scared about it at the time!

  9. Shame he was so ill bug at least you were together. I spend new years eve 1999 at a manic street preachers gig at the millennium stadium, it was a great night.

  10. Sounds like a really stressful way to ring in the new year! I was 17 that year and celebrated at a house party with my school friends! x

  11. Oh how scary for someone you love to be so ill you worry for them that much. He’s lucky that you were there to help him, I’m glad you found each other and you were able to get out of an abusive relationship.

  12. It sounds like you certainly went through a lot but have come out the other end stronger! We never really do much for New Year and it the year 2000 I was only 10 so don’t really have many memories, it was the last new year with my nan though and she was a worrier so all the news about everything going down really worried her and I remember her storing bottles of water in her wardrobe “just in case” lol. I miss her so much but always remember her such fondly. xx

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