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Unique ways to Treat Yourself

Life is full of ups and downs, periods of intense stress, and times of great joy. Whatever is currently going on in your life, one thing never changes, you should always remember to treat yourself! Rewarding yourself in small ways has been scientifically proven to boost happiness, well-being, and health. The effects even extend to other people too! 

Don’t feel Guilty

The first thing that you need to remember whenever you treat yourself is that you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Setting aside time/budget to reward yourself is something that everyone should do; it’s all about balance. You don’t want to experience burnout from working too much and too hard. The following are a few unique ways you can treat yourself.

New Candles

Candles aren’t just a way to get a wonderful smell, they are also an amazing accessory for your space. Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, candles can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Buying yourself candles is a great way to treat yourself. One of the biggest benefits that a great candle offers is the opportunity to slow down and take a moment to refocus and relax. There are a wide array of choices out there, with different sizes, scents, and even burning options. The simple act of lighting a scented candle can completely change the mood of a person. 

Take a Day Trip!

woman walking near trees

Photo by Dan Smedley on Unsplash

Just taking a day for yourself can do wonders. These day trips can consist of anything you like, such as a trip to the local nature reserve or the nearest beach town. Not only will these day trips help you to escape the stresses of modern life, but there are several ways that they can also be luxurious too. 

  1. You can search for a chauffeur service near me when planning your trip. Although it may appear expensive, there are actually many affordably chauffeur services out there. These private hire cars will ensure that you arrive in style for your day trip.
  2. Try dressing up for your trip. Wearing nice clothing shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions. If you feel like dressing up for your day trip, then do it. Studies have shown that dressing up can improve your overall confidence!

Go through your old photographs

It may sound like a small thing, but looking through old photographs can be hugely beneficial, doubly so if these are physical photographs. There is no better feeling than taking a trip down memory lane and looking back over all the good times that you have shared. There are actually amazing scientific benefits that come from this too; photography can improve your relaxation levels, reduce anxiety and help you feel more connected with nature. 


Everybody needs to take a break to catch some rest and relaxation occasionally, and there is no shame in that. There are a variety of ways that you can treat yourself, and it can be something as small as buying a new candle to freshen up a room or taking a day trip to your favourite place.

Unique ways to Treat Yourself

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    13 July 2021 at 9:15 am

    I treat myself to a facial once a month,i may start doing a day trip every month,now restrictions are being lifted x

    • admin
      13 July 2021 at 11:26 am

      I do love a nice facial too


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