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Why vinyl is a great choice for busy households


With everything going on in our lives, being able to not worry about aspects of life at home can be really beneficial. It can allow you to spend more time with your loved ones and focussing on things which really matter to you. There have been lots of developments over the years which have made our lives easier, be that doing your food shopping online and having it delivered to you or being able to program a robot vacuum cleaner rather than pushing one around yourself.

Some developments impact our lives everyday but can often go unnoticed. The flooring in your home is one such area where there has been a huge amount of work put in to make your life easier. One flooring material in particular has seen a lot of development which is making life easier for buys households, vinyl flooring.

There are several reasons why vinyl, more so than other flooring options. Makes a great choice if you have a busy household, and we’re going to go over them below.

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Cleaning is an unavoidable aspect of any home but there are some flooring options which make it easier than others. Carpet needs to be vacuumed regularly and to get the best cleaning results you need specialist equipment to deep clean into the carpet. With wood floors they require regular treatments with sanding and oils to keep them looking their best, which is not only time consuming but expensive. Tiled floors have the issue of grout getting dirty between the tiles, which again can take a while to clean properly. Vinyl on the other hand is very easy to keep clean, as long as it is swept regularly and mopped occasionally. Having a floor which doesn’t require a lot of time to clean and can be kept clean easily will help save you time which you can use to do other things.


Any parent will know that when children are young, you need to have a home which can withstand them. For your floor this means it needs to be durable and hold up to kids playing games on it and the general high foot traffic that a busy family home will experience. Vinyl tiles are great in this regard thanks to their construction. Amtico luxury vinyl flooring tiles for example are made with a multilayer design, which includes two separate wear layers to improve the durability of the flooring.

Thanks to the durability of vinyl flooring it is able to withstand scratches far better than ceramic tiles or wood. When compared directly with ceramic, vinyl tiles are not at risk of cracking which can lead to expensive replacement work.

Splash and stain resistance

When living in a busy household it’s easy for mistakes and accidents to happen. We all drop things, sometimes involving food or drinks, and this can lead to stains. Depending on the type of flooring you have, these stains can be easier or harder to deal with. With vinyl tiles, because they are splash and stain proof thanks to the durability and design mentioned above, they are very easy to clean up spilt food or drinks. Compare this to a flooring option like carpet, which depending on the colour, can stain very easily and can be very difficult to clean. When you have a busy home, you want a floor which will be able to withstand these types of spills but avoid stains, and vinyl is a great choice for this.

Soft underfoot

Despite all the points made above about your household flooring being durable, scratch and stain resistant, it needs to be comfortable. When you have children and they’re playing on the floor in their early years, you want them to be comfortable. Carpet is often chosen for this reason, however as highlighted above there are other issues with carpet which can make it not ideally suited to busy homes. Some people might choose carpet over vinyl because they believe it will feel warmer underfoot. However, vinyl works brilliantly with underfloor heating and this can do a great job of not only providing a warm floor to walk on but also help heat the room.

Overall vinyl flooring is a great option for any home, but especially a busy family home. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to styles and patterns to lay the tiles in. Which means you can find options which work in a variety of rooms. While vinyl flooring has often been associated with kitchen and bathroom flooring, it can work just as well in a living room and bedroom so its worth exploring the options available to you when considering a new floor for your home.

Why vinyl is a great choice for busy households

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