The Benefits Of Vitamin C with YourZooki

The Benefits Of Vitamin C with YourZooki

Going through this pandemic that has affected the world, has certainly affected everyone of us.  Through all of this I have been looking at ways to try and stay fit and healthy.  Which is why I have been trying YourZooki Vitamin C pouches.

You may have already seen me mention YouZooki in my Fathers Day Gift Guide, but wanted to expand further on this great little supplement.

About YouZooki

YouZooki produce a range of liquid supplements that deliver active ingredients in a whole new way to that we are used to. Using 100% natural ingredients and guaranteeing all supplements are sugar free.  We can take the supplements knowing that we are putting nothing ‘bad’ into our bodies.

YourZooki Vitamin C


We all know how good Vitamin C is for us, it helps our immune systems stay healthy.  Which in the times we are going through right now is something we should all be looking to make sure we do.

When I was sent a months supply of YourZooki Vitamin C, I could not wait to try it. I am not a fan of taking tablets, so was very intrigued by the satchets.

As this uses Liposomes to increase the bioavailability of Vitamin C. Which has been shown to make your body absorb over 50% more.  Which is great as our bodies can not stor Vitamin C, so when our bodies go into overdrive to fight of an infection.  It will very quickly burn through the Vitamin C that is circulating in our bodies.

Another thing I love is that the supplement are vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free, which is great for those who are sensitive to these.

My Opinion

After trying these for a while, I have tried them in water, as a topping to my porridge and also straight from the satchet.  For me I found it quicker and easier to just take straight from the satchet.  Making it quick and easy to take.  Although we have all been on lockdown, when we can start to travel further from our homes or to work.  These will be great and convenient to take away.  I am not sure if they have helped me with my immunity as we have been isolating, but I have not even had a sniffle so can only assume they are doing me good.

In my house we do use dietry supplements, especially for C so I am always looking at various brands.  I did try C on these and she did not like it, she prefers to have her supplements in either tablet form or a patch.  For me this is how I prefer to take mine.  I suppose it is just personal preferences

What supplements have you been taking and have you increased what you take over the past few months?

The Benefits Of Vitamin C with YourZooki




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  1. It’s good that they can be consumed in different ways. Supplements can be helpful when you’re not taking in enough vitamins and minerals through your diet.

    1. Supplements are important if you need a boost and I love this one as it can be taken in different ways to suit you

  2. I could definitely do with taking a Vitamin C supplement, I am certain I am not getting enough.Your Zooki sound great!

  3. I don’t currently take any supplements. I have taken vitamin C in the past and didn’t mind chewables at all. I know a few people that would prefer this sachet form over tablet.

  4. Zooki looks great! I think that I could deffo try this out and it would be good for me, as could do with a boost x

  5. Vitamin C is so important. I’ve just been eating healthier with an emphasis on seasonal, local, organic. I do take Vitamin D supplements.

  6. I take vitamin d but have been thinking that I should really take vit c too. This sounds ideal so I will have to give it a go.

  7. I actually don’t take any supplements, but I want to take iron tablets as I’ve always been on the verge of deficient x

    1. I rarely take them, but C takes them although I have patches form for her as she takes medication daily

  8. I do love my Vitamic C as I swear by it. I tend to take tablet which dilutes in water but not tried sachet form yet. Will take note of Yourzooki and get some the next time I need topping up.

  9. Really informative article. I enjoyed reading and learned quite a lot about the benefits of Vitamin C that I didn’t know beforehand. My first time on your blog, but will keep coming back 😀

  10. I have started taking it as a preventative measure I didn’t know you could get pouches, how fab, will defo think about trying these x

  11. These seem good, my son has childs vitamins as he’s a bit of fussy eater and it still away i get him to have some, i have had these type of vitamins etc for years and worth looking into if you don’t feel you get enough, great review

  12. This sounds really good and I’m glad to see that it as no added sugars. I like to take a dose of vitamin C in the colder months

  13. This is such an important vitamin and I love that this company have given you different options on how to take it. This is really informative too.

  14. I’ve never heard of this Yourzooki before but that sounds like a great product to check out. I’m always up for trying out new brands of supplements.

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