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Tips On How To Stay Warm Working From Home

With many of us now working from home, I have been looking at ways to keep warm at home.  Which will help you keep motivated to do your work, and home school your children.

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When life is normal, can we remember what normal is now.  We would all head off out to work and the kids to school.  Our homes would be empty for the day.  So heating would not be on until we returned home.  With many of us now working from home, and the kids home schooling.  We need to create a warm and comfortable environment.


Obviously, having your heating on all day is not an option.

  • Look at where your radiators are, can you arrange your working environment to work near a radiator?
  • Set your heating to heat your rooms at a certain temperature.  This will mean that your heating will come on when your room gets to a certain temperature and then switch off when it has met that temperature.
  • Working near a radiator will mean, even when the heating has gone off, you will still get the benefit of the warmth from it
  • If this is not an option, look at buying a warm air heater.  We have problems with our gas supply an ongoing situation, where water gets in the pipes, our whole road has their gas turned off while they do their fix, until a few weeks later they do it again.  C has problems with temperature, and we were given these.  You literally turn them on for a few minutes and it warms the room up for ages.

Hot Drinks

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  • Having a hot drink, will warm you up and give you a break from your work.  So that you can go back feeling warm and motivated to carry on working.
  • Have something warm like soup for lunch, this will keep you warm and stop you getting hungry mid afternoon and reaching for the biscuit tin.  I have a soup maker which is my best friend in winter.


Keep warm by layering up your clothes

  • Wear socks and slippers to keep your feet warm
  • Put  something comfortable and warm like leggings
  • Layer up your top half a vest top and jumper, or thin top and chunky cardigan

This way you can remove something if you get too warm, and then put it back on if you start to feel chilly without having to hit the button to start your heaating.

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Tips On How To Stay Warm Working From Home



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