This week was slightly different to last week. Where we had a very spontaneous trip to Paris, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

School Uniform Shopping

This week was all about one of my most hated trips out, the school uniform shopping. I like every other woman loves shopping. But I find no enjoyment out of buying school uniform. Apparently, my Mum thinks this has stemmed from my school days, as I used to moan the same then.

Usually, it is replacement skirts, a few polo shirts, new socks and shoes, lunch bag. Maybe aa new cardigan if outgrown her old one and that is it.  Not this year, as she is starting Secondary School, we had to buy everything.  So Monday, armed with a moaning child we headed to the one shop that stocks the uniform for her school. Where we got the blazer, pe kit (paying extra for her name to be embroidered onto it) and an apron that she will rarely use but has to have.  I nearly had a heart failure at just those few bits. I handed my card over to pay, knowing I still had a lot more to buy.

A Little Trip

Wednesday, was a much nicer day, as my parents had arranged to take our daughter into London to see the Shrek Experience. So myself and my husband went off to Brighton, for business but was lovely just the two of us. With the plan for the next day to have a stroll around and lunch, before heading back home.  That was not the case as the thunder and lightening and heavy rain, made us change our minds. Plus I only had flip flops with me. So we came home early and ordered a takeaway.

Friday, was school uniform shopping part 2.  I was on a mission that we would finish buying everything she needed.  We set off on the bus in the morning with our list as long as our arms, with me dreading the school shoes and trainers part, as my daughter has one foot that is slightly bigger than the other (or her fat foot as we affectionately call it), due to a broken leg a few years ago.

Shoes and Trainers

We headed for the shop to get her trainers, pe bag and rucksack as this is what she wanted as her school bag, picked the bags easily, the trainers, I swear it was the longest hour (yes hour) of my life, but finally we walked out the shops with a pair of trainers that fitted and were comfortable.  Next it was shoes, luckily by this time, my parents had met up with us, as I was really loosing the will to live.  But we finally found some shoes that were comfortable, and found the rest of her uniform we needed.

Armed with loads of shopping bags, a bank balance that had dived dramatically, we headed home, tired but relieved.  Everything has now been purchased, I do not have to worry about anything now (well I hope so anyway).

So, that was my week with my most hated shopping trips ever.  How was your week?

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