Today Face Masks Become Compulsory

Today is the day that face masks become compulsory to wear in shops in the UK.  We have all had plenty of warning so there is no excuse.

Since the beginning of lockdown, lives and we knew it changed.  Gone was our freedom to go out when we wanted, gone was popping to the shops, or meeting friends.  Since then things have slowly eased, and with this wearing face masks has become the new normal. I have found a lovely company called Treat Republic who have a wide range of adult and childrens face masks.

Another great point about Treat Republic is that for every mask they sell, they are donating £1 to support NHS staff and volunteers.

Treat Republic Adult Masks

They have a lovely selection of adult masks that will suit everyones tastes including –

Aurora Borealis – £16.00

Colourful Brush Strokes – £16.00

Dreamy Pastel Sky – £16.00

Night Sky Constellations – £16.00


Ocean Watercolour – £16.00

All masks come with 2 filters.

Childrens Masks

Children from the age of 5 are also required to wear face masks.  Like us children like fun happy face masks as well, and Treat Republic have some great fun masks that any child would love.

My Opinion

It is common knowledge for everyone around me, that I hate wearing masks, as do many others.  As we now have to wear masks I want a mask that is comfortable to wear and in a design that I like.  I popped out this morning to B&Q with my husband, so we gave our new masks a try.  I love that the ear straps are adjustable so you can fit them perfectly.  Plus I also found the mask light and easy to wear, as did my husband.

The Giveaway

Treat Republic are giving one of my lucky readers the chance to win 1 x adult mask and 1 x childs masks.  See below on how to enter.

Terms and conditions can be found on the Gleam entry.  You must complete all mandatory entries plus follow both StressedMum and Treat Republic on Instagram

Treat Reblublic Face Mask

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  1. It’s like all of the bright colours and lovely designs. I would choose the ocean watercolour and the Cat’s whiskers.

  2. I would choose the cat nose one for my so, he would find it funny and this would make him want to wear it. And i would choose the dreamy pastel sky one for myself.

  3. Gorgeous patterns – I’m torn between the Ocean Watercolour and the Night Sky Constellations but I think the Night Sky Constellations just edges ahead! I love the Cat’s Whiskers one too.

  4. I like the night sky one, I’ve not been able to see the comet because I live in the city but its got me interested in the night sky again.

  5. I really like the children’s kitty cat masks. I hope they do them in adult sizes as they add a little much needed fun to our situation

  6. The Aurora Borealisstands out to me – always wanted to see the Northern lights, I may as well advertise that I’d love to go up and do so!

  7. I would choose the Ocean Watercolour or the Night Sky Constellations mask, and probably the single cat face one for the little’un.

  8. Adult :- Night Sky Constellations, child :- The Cat’s Whiskers ( pink nose, and whiskers present. Could be handy at Halloween as part of Halloween outfit / costume. Though I initially thought of cat, could be a timid little mouse, etc. With the benefit of the remainder of outfit, whether shop bought or home made)

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