Improving Your Dogs Health With Salmon Oil

Improving Your Dogs Health With Salmon Oil

One thing all dog owners have in common is that we don’t see them as pets.  They become part of the family as soon as they step foot through the door.

He may be old but still very cheeky. With his mucky face

With that we want our dog to be happy and healthy, just like we would any member of our family.  So giving your dog the care they need is vital.  This is not only feeding them, walking them etc.  It also comes to helping them remain fit and healthy. Which is why I have been looking at improving my dogs health with Salmon Oil, by Angell Petco.

About Angell PetCo

Founded in 2010 Angell Petco was started by Robert and Jill Angell, wanting to provide dog owners with the best quality food at a good price. They keep their costs down by having no frills packaging. All items come in clear and minimal packaging that is also easy to recycle, meaning you can buy quality products at affordable prices.

Salmon Oil

salmon oil

If your dog suffers from pain and discomfort from

  • Stiff joints
  • Itchy skin
  • Poor circulation
  • Dry cracked paws

You may find that salmon oil food supplement can help, andy ou will see a difference after a few weeks.

About Salmon Oil

Made from the finest fresh Scottish salmon, it is hypoallergenic and rich in Omega 3.  Just by adding a few drops on your dogs food can make a dull and lacklustre coat richer and glassier.  Plus boost their energy levels, giving them a new lease of life.

Unlike cod liver oil (which I have previously used), which is made from the pressed liver of the cod.  The salmon oil is made from the whole pressed fish which means

  • 100% pure Scottish salmon oil free from any additive. Vitamin E is commonly added to sub-standard Salmon to stabilise it.
  • A happier, healthier dog with supple joints, a softer, shinier coat and a renewed eagerness for walks
  • An easy, hassle-free way to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing — just pour over or mix in food.
  • See results in your dog’s coat and energy in as little as two weeks.

My Opinion

As you know I have two dogs Max our old boy who is an Alaskan Malamute and then we have the whirlwind German Shepherd who is still young.  All our dogs live to old age so we are aware of signs to look for when they are getting old.  Alaskan Malamutes have two coats an out one that protects from rain and the softer undercoat, yes it is a nightmare grooming him.  Before trying the salmon oil we were using cod liver oil, when I agreed to trial the salmon oil I thought it would just be the same and do the same thing.

Since trying the salmon oil we have noticed a bit of extra shine in Max’s coat and he certainly has more go in him, he is playing much more outside with our other dog.  I am loving the effect it is having on him and honestly I will be buying more.  Max is my baby and we will do anything we can to make him healthy and happy. Plus they have a wide range of dog treats that are natural and healthy and my dogs are loving.

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      1. We have a beautiful 9 year Weimaraner called RooRoo … she’s an amazing little lady. She’s recently been diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and arthritis. I’d love to try these products on her x

  1. Wow salmon oil, I didn’t know this was a thing. But you’re right about them becoming part of the family so they need to be treated like everyone else and pampered etc x

    1. I had not heard of salmon oil before, as I said have used cod liver oil in the past. I have seen an improvement in Max literally the other day he just got up and ran faster than I have seen him run in a long time. I will definitely be using it again as you say they are family my boys are my babies x

  2. I never knew salmon oil could be so beneficial to a dog’s health. I’ll certainly share your tip with my dog-owner friends.

  3. I had no idea salmon oil could have so many benefits for dogs. Dogs definitely become part of the family.

  4. I have an Alaskan Malamute who lost all his weight and hair, (except his guard hairs), when he was on medication to try to regain his vision when we discovered he could not see just over 4 and a half years ago. I’ve tried him on a few supplements but he still has bad, flaky skin. He keeps getting sores between his toes and has a lump on his head now, at the age of 10 and a half. I use a Dead Sea Salt solution to keep germs at bay when the sores arise, but the lump on his head….That’s worrying, as are his achy joints. I’d love him to be able to try out the salmon oil. I know he would love this too as he loves his food being a typical Mally.

  5. We have a Goldendoodle, never tried any supplements before but would love to see a difference to his shaggy coat with this!!

  6. We have a Giant Schnauzer who has been rehomed with us. She does have problems with her pelvis and back hips due to an accident. We don’t have all the information about what happened. We are trying her with a supplement of Glucosamine at the moment.

  7. I’ve been wanting to try Salmon Oil as heard so many people swear by it saying that it makes their dogs coat very shined etc.

  8. We haven’t tried any supplements but our whippet has Cushings disease and his hair is getting thin so salmon oil might be something to try

  9. I haven’t used supplements for my chihuahua but I used to give cod liver oil to my Jack Russell but he is no longer with us.

  10. Sounds good – my Lab has been diagnosed with suspected arthritis (not confirmed as we had to have a telephone consultation due to that pesky bug currently doing the rounds, lol) and he finds any kind of movement agonising without a twice daily dose of ‘doggy ibuprofen’. We haven’t yet tried any supplements but think I’ll have to give this a go

    1. We had a lab years ago who had arthritis and ended up having steroid injections to help with the pain and movement

  11. I have a JRxShih tzu – I’ve tried some herbal calming supplements for him before car journeys and in the run up to bonfire night

  12. i have a husky/staff cross called sandy who is 13 now–and probably needs a few more supplements in her diet

  13. I have two labradors, Murphy and Nessie. Murphy is 12 now and had a hip replacement at 11 months old. He does do very well but should try and find a supplement that helps with his aging joints

  14. Our Jacks have Glucosamine for their joints- it’s made such a difference especially to our 11 year old boy

  15. I have a Lab/Springer cross that gets up to all sorts of mischief. She has been having some joint and skin problems so we have changed her food to a premium salmon based mix but it is so expensive. The Salmon Oil sounds like something that could be perfect for us.

  16. I have a German Shepherd and she suffers from bouts of red, itchy skin which then flakes. She scratches a lot and I use Sudacreme to treat the patches when they appear and she’s on a sensitive skin dog food from Tails. The vets say this breed either have an easy to upset stomach or dry skin issues. Have also tried Manuka shampoo which clears it up for a few days to a week.

  17. Snoop is an old tyme English bulldog cross American bulldog and we haven’t really tried supplements for him as had no idea where to start

  18. Alfred is a Weinerarmer
    We are presently looking at healthy supplements for him
    We have given him some salmon oil before

  19. I have a senior shihtzu and 2 newfoundlands. They all take yumove to help with joints and eat a lot of fish but I like the idea of it being a supplement very day

  20. I have a Lhasa Apso / Shih Tzu Cross and have never tried supplements as he is only 18months old. He has really dry skin though and scratches a lot so I would love to try this

  21. I have a cavalier king charles and I have tried flax oil. Salmon oil sounds like a good one to try for his arthritus

  22. I have 3 dacshunds and 3 Afghan Hounds. We do use supplements for the two old boys and have found them to be effective

  23. I have a Std Poodle who has an inherited skin condition called Sebaceous Adenitus which requires oil supplements so we would love to give this a try please

  24. Barnie is a Jack Russell and after 2 operations on his leg a few years ago he suffers with arthritis. I have tried various supplements but with minimal success

  25. JJ is a labrador pointer from Cyprus, he had been shot 3 times and a lady found him injured, help mend him, and I adopted him. He was flown to me, 4 years ago. He doesnt have any supplements

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