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A Look At AirQueen Nano Face Masks

AIt has become a way of life now that we have to wear face masks, and as of next week it will be compulsory to wear face masks in shops.

Which is why I have been looking at the various face masks available.  Many of us have the disposable masks, but if you find them uncomfortable I may have the solution with AirQueen Nano Face Masks.

airqueen nano mask

About AirQueen Nano Face Mask

The AirQueen Nano Face Mask comes individually wrapped to prevent any contamination.  The mask uses a next generation FDA approved N05 equivalent surgical respirator. With over 97% particle filtration which exceeds the 95% threshold.


The mask is 1 billionth of a meter thick and the nanofibre material is arranged in a fishnet matrix.  Which makes for optimal filtration, durability and breathability for both comfort and safety.

The best part about this mask that makes it stand out is that you can wash and re-use them. By soaking the facemaks in a week bleach solution, rinsing thoroughly and then allowing to air dry.

My Opinion

Since the lockdown has started easing, and especially as I live with vulnerable people. I have been very aware of having a face mask on me at all times.  As mask are becoming compulsory, I now have a pile in the car, and my handbag so no excuse for anyone with me not to be able to wear or use a mask.

I received the mask last week, just in time for a trip out to see my granddaughter.  On opening the mask you will see two two sections on the back of the mask, which you open up and this covers your chin and nose area.

I usually get very hot and frustrated wearing a mask but found that this was very light and easy to wear. Am not going to lie I still do not like wearing them, but if I have to this is the better and much more comfortable than the normal disposable masks.  I have not tried washing my mask yet but love that you can wash and re-use it.  Again this is much more cost effective and also less waste being produced.

The masks are available to buy at £2.50 each or you can buy in bulk of 12 or 25.

How are you getting on with face masks?

A Look At AirQueen Nano Face Masks


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