Hungry Hippos Game

Hungry Hippos Game

One thing I have loved all my life, is playing games.  I used to love playing a variety of games with my family as I was growing up.  When I became a parent, I used to love nothing more than playing games with my kids as well.  This was something we all loved.

Quite often my Daughter would come to me with a game in hand, asking if we can play a game.  I always found it a time to sit, chat and laugh together.

Hungry Hippos

hungry hipps

One game that could always guarantee lots of laughs and comeptitiveness was hungry hippos.  We also had tears if the kids were left to play it on their own though.  But with two older brothers and a younger sister this was bound to happen.

Playing the game


the game

We must have all played Hungry Hippos at some point, but for those unfamiliar with the game here is how you play it.

  • There are 4 hippo heas red, yellow, green and blue
  • Each player chooses which colour head they want to be
  • 20 marbles are dropped into the centre of the board at the start of the game
  • each player has to use there hippo head to try to eat as many of the marbles as they can
  • The marbles are red apart from one golden marble
  • The player with the most point wins.

Hungry Hippos is such a fun and simple game idea, but one that gives endless fun especially to younger children.

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Hungry Hippos Game

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Hungry Hippos Game



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      1. My favourite was a game called 13 dead end drive, it would take a while to set up, it was like a mini cardboard house, lots of pieces, me and my brothers would spend hours playing.

  1. Monopoly and Pay Day. Although Snakes And Ladders is always a favourite too. Thanks for the chance.

  2. I have always been a fan of old-fashioned Snakes and Ladders but so many wonderful games like this available now that we are all spoilt for choice.

  3. I had a game called downfall and you had to get the little pieces from the top to the bottom before the person on the other side.

  4. It has made me very nostalgic reading all the comments! The Buzz Wire Game used to be my favourite and make me break out into a sweat in my attempts to beat my brother. My hand was never steady enough. That game was tense!

  5. I think the kerplunk was my favourite though was also fond of mouse trap, battleships, connect 4 and buckaroo. Also such classic and iconic games from my childhood.

  6. We used to play snakes & ladders when we were small & I remember playing Monopoly,scrabble & cluedo when we were older.

  7. I used to love this game called ‘escalado’ it was a horse racing game and you had to turn a handle to make the horses run. It shook the mat and you could bet on which one would win.
    Used to play it with my grandparents at Christmas

  8. Ohh my god I loved this game as a kid!!! Completely forgot about Hungry Hippos, my 4 year old would absolutely love this haha! Besides this game, I really loved mouse trap and penguin trap (you hit the ice blocks with a hammer individually to knock them out). Me and my grandad played that all the time

  9. It really is true, isn’t it? It’s usually the very simplest ideas that turn out to be the most appealing and popular. The name of the game itself has a name a pleasing universality…in our own families we all have ‘hungry hippos’ of our own who we can recognise. I have such affection for this little game – even the older kids still enjoy playing it, though they might protest otherwise!

  10. Downfall. It was blue with white wheels on it and you had to get your tokens from the top to the bottom first. I loved it

  11. I used to like pop up pirate and buckaroo, which were very similar in terms of adrenaline over whether it would pop up / buck

  12. I liked hungry hippos but I always used to lose to my big brother. (I think he always cheated.) I used to get my own back in scrabble because I’ve always loved word games.

  13. We used to love playing frustration when I was little. My daughter also now loves it, and is a fan of lots of games especially fun ones like hungry hippos.

  14. Great fun playing this with the kids many years ago, would like to do the same with the grandkids 🤞

  15. I love Ludo, always have done from being a child! Can’t beat a game of snakes and ladders either.

  16. My favourite game is Monopoly, although I remember enjoying Hungry Hungry Hippos as a kid 🙂

  17. When I was little I loved Hungry Hippos, it’s been around for years! I’d love this for my children x

  18. When i was younger my favourite game was boggle and card game is 100-1. My sons absolute favourite is monopoly and card game is go fish x

  19. I loved mouse trap and was never aloud it out, I bought it my daughter and now understand why I was never allowed it out.

  20. I did love this game of course but my favourite and I cant for the life of me think what it was called but you had elephant masks to wear and you had to throw hoops on the trunks.. now I’ve typed that ot sounds like I made it up haha.

  21. Snake and ladders and monopoly were my favourite games. In my childhood board game choice wasn’t huge like now.

  22. I used to love playing drafts with my Dad when I was a child, it was a rare opportunity to get him all to myself x.

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