Royal Air Force – The Official Story

Royal Air Force - The Official Story

The Royal Airforce is often talked about in our family.  My husband and his sister grew up on RAF bases as his Dad was in the services.  I often hear tales of where they lived, and various stories.  Which is why I could not resist reviewing the book Royal Air Force – The Official Story to learn more of the history behind one of our forces.

About The Book

royal air force

Royal Air Force – The Official Story is the official history of the oldest airforce in the world.  Covering the horrors of the First World War. When pilots were open to the elements in aircrafts made of wood and fabric.  To the air battles of the Second World War, all the way through to current day.

The book is filled with stories and history and amazing photos including

Second World War

The Cold War

I have only looked at parts of this book, but just looking through at the pictures alone, just makes you realise what the service men and women have gone through and still do. I have heard real life stories first hand, and seen documentaries many times before.  If you know someone with a history in the RAF or a fondness for history this is a great book, definitely one to treasure.


If you would like to win a copy of Royal Air Force – The Official Story I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader. A great prize especially for someone with Royal Air Force history, or a love of our Royal Air Force or planes.  To enter see below.

Royal Air Force – The Official Story

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  1. I’m from Guernsey so am interested in the Occupation of the Channel Islands during WW2.
    Would love to win this book for my Dad.

  2. My Grandad was in WW1 serving in what became the RAF. I have been researching our family history so this book would be great for me to read.

  3. My cousin wants to join the RAF in a couple years when he’s old enough! He’s a cadet now and we often read about ww2 we were planning to visit Normandy this year! Last year we went to visit oradour sur glane in France it was a very eye opening and emotional visit.

  4. My favourite history book are the Simon Schama History of Britain volumes. Very clarifying after my somewhat potted history from school!

  5. I don’t think I have a favourite. I love all aspects of history. It was my main course when teacher training and it was one of my favourite subjects to teach

  6. I love mythology and the different religions which Christianity classed as pagan, and looking at the way they shaped the societies and peoples they were believed in by, such as the Vikings, Romans, Egyptians etc xx

  7. I like the Victorian era but all history interests me and I like learning new things about different history that I didn’t know about before

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