GO2 Essential Oil Inhaler Sticks

GO2 Essential Oil Inhaler Sticks

There is no denying it has been a very strange year, although things are starting to return to a bit more of a normality.  We are still having to be careful, this in turn does have an effect on our daily lives.

One thing I do believe in as do many others, is essential oils.  I have always had a fascination with the benefits of essential oil.  More so since C became ill, so when I was asked if I would like to review GO2 essential oil inhaler sticks I could not wait to receive them to try.

About GO2 essential oil inhaler sticks

The GO2 Essential Oil Inhaler Sticks Range

The sticks are small enough to pop in your pocket or your handbag and come in four different sticks

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • B.Calm
  • Sleep

Each with it’s own unique blend of essential oils. When you inhale the GO2 blend odour molecules are released.  The olfactory receptors in our nose are activated and send electrical signals to the higher regions in our brain, which then sends messages to other parts of the body. The GO2 essential oil blends are uniquely formulated to maximise the response for each described mood.


GO2 Energy stick helps support performance, whether this is life in general, work or sport. The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of –

  • Eucalyptus – which is uplifting and promotes clear breathing
  • Peppermint – which stimulates and aids focus
  • Lemongrass – which helps combat feelings of fatigue


GO2 Focus stick helps with focus and concentration.  If you sit in front of a computer studying, working or watching a boxset this will help you.  The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of –

  • Rosemary – which supports memory function
  • Peppermint – which is stimulating and aids focus
  • Lime – which is uplifting for both body and mind


GO2 B.Calm stick helps promote inner peace when you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or just need a break.  The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of –

  • Cardamom – which promotes the feeling of calmness and warmth
  • Lavender – which is relaxing and soothing to the body and mind
  • Bergamot – helping to promote an inner calm
  • Sweet Orange – which is deeply relaxing and promotes well-being


GO2 Sleep stick helps to promote your quality of sleep, assisting to help give you a deeper and better sleep.  The 100% natural essential oil blend consists of –

  • Lavender – which is relaxing and soothing to body and mind
  • Red Mandarin – which supports a restful sleep and supports a restful sleep
  • Frankincense – which promotes a sense of inner peace and contentment

My Opinion

If you have been following my Life In a Lockdown posts, you will have seen how stressed I have been getting.  So I knew I could give these the perfect trial.  I have used all four of the essential oil sticks giving them a perfect test. While I have been dealing with the refusal of my Daughters EHCP, to zoom meetings, not sleeping through stressing and worrying and other life lessons that life throws at us.

I am very impressed at how they work, whether you are sceptical or a believer the sticks cost £3.99 each so affordable to give them a try, or at the moment they are offering 4 for the price of 3.  I am very impressed and felt they did what they are supposed to do.

The Giveaway

If you would like to try all four of these essential oil sticks, see below on how you can win a set. Please see the terms and conditions on the Gleam entry

GO2 Essential Oil Sticks

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  1. Yes, I love lavender for sleeping, lemongrass, to help wake me up, nag champa to help me relax, and tea tree to put on spots!

    1. I haven’t really used essential oils much before but I’m open minded as to their benefits.

    1. Wow! I’ve never heard of these sticks before and I would love to try them. I’m a huge fan of essential oils.

  2. Yes, I have used essential oils before and am drawn to the clean and uplifting fragrance of those from the citrus family.

  3. I love essential oils. I love Lavender the most. I put a couple of drops on my pillow at night as it helps give me a relaxing sleep and I alsondropmsome into my bath water, again to relax and makes the water soft.

  4. I haven’t tried essential oils before but I have been looking at the Sleep one of these because I find it so hard to drop off.

  5. I loved Karvol capsules when I was young. Even if I was well, I found the smell comforting and relaxing. My friend has given me some of her oil to rub on my wrist a few times when I’ve been feeling anxious.

  6. I adore essential oils – my faves are Bergamot mixed with either Jasmine or Geranium or both xx

  7. I’ve used some essential oil pillow sprays to help me relax before bed which has been helpful and I have also used them in my oil burner to freshen my rooms

  8. I haven’t tried the oils before but they sound like something that would really help, especially the calm oil.

  9. I haven’t tried the oils before but they sound like something that would really help, especially the calm oil.

  10. I haven’t but I’d like to. I’m most interested in the sleep one for my husband who has trouble sleeping sometimes x

  11. I love essential oils and I love the smell of tea tree and eucalyptus. I think they definitely work and alter your mood x

  12. Omg I have never seen or heard about these before but I definitely would love to try the Sleep and Calm ones.

  13. Me and wife haven’t try these before, however we do use oils like Lavender to relax and make the house smell nice

  14. I have never used the sticks before its the first I have heard about them but they sound just like what I could really do with x

  15. Only tried citronella and cinnamon oils as natural pest deterrents, but would like to try some to help improve my sleep.

  16. Ive never tried them before. However im totally addicted to the aroma of lavender so would love to try one of that

  17. I tried lavender and frankincense during labour and have carried on regularly using lavender essential oil ever since.

  18. I have tried lavender oil to help me sleep and I have tried tea tree oil to help with spots.
    My favourite though is Rose oil dabbed on my pulse point as I adore the scent.

  19. Yes I used to practise aromatherapy though I’ve not seen these before. They would be very therapeutic . I especially like lavender , rose absolute and chamomile

  20. I love peppermint for when i have digestive issues, mixed with some aqueous cream and massaged into my stomach

  21. Ive tried essential oils for general use but I’d be interested in these since losing most of my smell due to Covid in April. 4 months on I still can’t smell much and Im sure these may help.

  22. we use lavender oil for lots of things and tea tree oil i use chamomile too for kids at night plus a few others eucalyptus, peppermint and turmeric oil

  23. I’ve nev2r tried essential oils, but the older I get the more I’m interested in holistic therapies. These look great

  24. Peppermint oil tepid baths to ease the itching of Chicken Pox worked so well when my son caught it and passed it onto me

  25. I haven’t tried them other than tea tree oil which is a good disinfectant and good for clearing nasal congestion. I would like to try more.

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