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Simple Ways to Sleep Easy as a Stressed Out Mum

As a busy mum you rarely get a chance to relax or get a full night’s sleep. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you closed your eyes and managed to get a full eight hours. Maintaining your energy levels is so important when you’ve got little ones to take care of. The truth is, you won’t be able to give them 100% if you aren’t giving it to yourself first. Whether you’re prioritising self care or trying to get into a better bedtime routine there are so many ways to promote rest and recovery as a busy mum. Consider the following ways to sleep easy and you will soon feel revitalised.

Essential Oils and Candles

There are a number of natural oils and scents that will help you get a good night’s sleep no matter what. As long as you take some time to discover the type of aroma that works for you, you will soon find that your shut eye improves dramatically. Lavender and clary sage are said to help with sleep and global cannabis science is growing too. Getting high quality sleep is all about trial and error when it comes to oils and scented candles.

Create Consistency

A bedtime routine will be a game changer if you’re struggling to sleep. When you constantly tell your body that it’s time to go to sleep you will soon get used to it. Whether you have a bubble bath, read a book or enjoy your favourite hot beverage, these are all excellent ways to create a consistent bedtime routine.

Eat Well and Avoid Caffeine

If you aren’t able to sleep well it may be down to your diet. Throughout the day make sure you keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and skip your afternoon coffee if you want a good night of shut eye. Hot drinks aren’t the only products with a tonne of caffeine in them, your favourite chocolate bar may also be hindering your sleep. Make sure you eat a balanced diet as often as possible with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Wind Down Calmly

Hopping straight into bed and closing your eyes isn’t going to get you that high quality sleep you’re looking for. This is why it’s so important to wind down slowly and stay calm. If your mind is running wild you aren’t going to be able to relax and sleep well. Find a way to switch off completely and stick to this as often as possible. Many people find that turning off their mobile phone an hour before going to bed is extremely useful. This prevents you from checking emails, scrolling through social media and replying to text messages when you should be relaxing.

With all of the ideas above in mind, you can make a huge difference to your mood and energy levels. Whether you’re getting into a relaxing routine or distancing yourself from social media more often, hopefully these actions will help you to get the sleep you deserve as a busy mum.


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