It Has Gone Mad

It Has Gone Mad

It is all we are talking about, whether between you and your partner, friends or family.  Facebook and Twitter are full of posts about it, and then there is the news.  Yes I am talking about Corona Virus, it has gone mad.

When we first heard

corona virus
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When we first heard about Corona Virus, it was in China and miles away from home.  Did we worry – no we just carried on as normal and heard updates from the news.  Then cases started to appear from all over the world including the UK.  So we then started to take more interest and follow the news a bit more.  Talk about it to friends and family more.  We started to hear of countries closing borders and isolating.  This was becoming serious, and the worry started to set as we heard more and more about it.

I started to withdraw from the outside world as much as I could, as I have a child with a chronic illness.  I need to protect her and try to keep this virus from our lives.  I also have parents over 70 so again need to try to keep away from the virus.

How do we manage?

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We have all seen or heard the advice on symptoms, and what to look out for.  but why has everyone gone mad.  Instead of being a caring nation, everyone is out for themselves


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We have all been given information on how to wash our hands properly.  It is quite worrying if we need to be told how to do something we should all do numerous times of the day.  But how many of us have sang Happy Birthday twice at least once when washing our hands.

Toilet Rolls

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Why is everyone going mad and bulk buying toilet rolls? As far as I am aware even if you catch the virus you will not need extra toilet rolls.  Or is there something that I and thousands of others are missing.


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Why have we gone from shopping for our needs to grabbing everything in the shops.  I popped out this morning for a few things and the shelves were empty. I honestly could not believe it, even the beer section was empty.  I have to get certain foods for my Daughter for what she can eat and there was nothing.  I wish people would think about what they are buying and stop being so selfish to other people.

I have found a positive

There is a positive to come out of this, more people are working from home, as businesses bring in working from home. Meaning there is more family time as no commuting, time to play games, do family things together.

However long this goes on for, I hope you all stay safe and healthy, but please be mindful of others, some people can not bulk buy their food, for many reasons. Remember to check on your elderly family and neighbours as they are having to self isolate, they may need help with shopping, or other things.

It Has Gone Mad


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  1. Isn’t it amazing how quickly people panic-buy items, leaving none for others? I wonder if it is just human nature. Ourselves first. However, I am sure we will all see people helping others when they usually wouldn’t bother x

    1. Some our being helpful but there are a lot out there for themselves and stock buying which is unfair on those who need items and can’t get them

  2. Yes some people have been out for themselves but I’ve also seen so much kindness in my community and friendship group of people wanting to help each other if anyone is in need x

    1. Yesterday afternoon I was looking on facebook in my community groups and there was a couple of companies that are offering help to the elderly or those unable to get out.

  3. I think it is easy to become overwhelmed with the situation, but feel it’s important to keep hold of the positives we have and show kindness where we can.

    1. I agree especially when I have just seen people are being mugged putting their shopping into their cars, it has gone crazy x

  4. This is such a horrible time. The world truly has gone mad – I am hoping it is all over soon but I can’t see the end in sight.

    1. I keep hoping we start to hear encouraging stories in the news, but I think we are all in for a long waiting game x

  5. Sadly, I was advised that I am not longer employed as of today and my husbands last day is tomorrow. Feeling very demoralised by it all now

    1. Oh no that must be so worrying for you, and many others who have been told the same. I really hope things improve soon xx

  6. It all feels a bit surreal doesn’t it. I really can;t believe what has happened. I am not sure how life is going to work over the next few months but this situation has really brought out the best in some people and the worst in others.

    1. It is a time where we should be working together, looking after ourselves yes but also thinking of others, which a sad few seem unable to do x

  7. Oh I so agree with all this. Why the toilet roll obsession. COVID-19 doesn’t give you the runs!?! WTH? Nobody needs a year supply of toilet paper “on hand”. I went out for supplies this morning, and it seems there are 3 types of people. The ones overly concerned and stock piling. The ones blatantly disregarding the information as “fake”. And people like us in the middle. Concerned, doing our distancing, and trying to safe for ourselves and family members. Stay healthy!

  8. Things have escalated so much the last few days that no one seems to really know what is going to happen. Scary times! Makes you realise what you can live without and how much we waste!

  9. I have started to get scared. All the local shops are near empty, the cue for the pharmacy today was so long it was taking and hour and a half to even get in! I need to get a repeat prescription and I am worried I wont be able to get it in time for when I need it

    1. It is getting scary, we have a garage which is our local shop and the shelves are empty, our local shops are empty and the supermarkets have queues to try to even get parked before walking into the store to face the empty shelves

  10. The situation right now is both scary and beneficial for the earth at the same time. Scary because of all the death and panic as well as beneficial for the earth as less activity means less pollution and earth is slowly healing itself. Hope everyone is safe and take care.

  11. I really don’t know why people are panic buying. we are not going to run out of stuff especially toilet roll and eggs! Let’s hope things calm down soon. I hope you and your daughter both stay healthy and can get what you need. x

    1. I know it has gone mad, even our local garage has empty shelves so I can not even get milk without getting the car out which will be a nightare as there are queues everywhere

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