End Of An Era

End Of An Era

We are all being affected by the events happening, now with schools being closed. I see post after post of parents worrying.  But the posts that are getting me the most are the ones for Year 11’s. Where Mums and Daughters have been out shopping for Prom dresses and now all upset that this will not be happening.

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Dear Mums

As your children face the end of another chapter in their lives. Where they leave Year 11 and head off to new horizons.  This should be a time for exam stress and worry, and the excitement of the end of year prom.

This is something, I looked forward to with C, ever since she left year 6 and was heading off to her new chapter.  But this was stolen from us, where one term into Year 7, she became ill.

She suffers with ME and Fibromyalgia, plus now an added illness which we do not know what it is and having tests.  She has even been admitted to hospital.

While I see posts of Mums and Daughters out shopping for prom dresses, I sat almost grieving that this is something we will not be doing. But I have smiled and liked the posts and commented on them as friends do. Not once has anyone asked after our situation.

Now, with the schools closed I am seeing post after post, of Mums upset that proms are now cancelled.  Mums upset over their child missing out on what is a big event.  I get it I really do.

This is how myself and C have been feeling for a long time, all the things she has missed.  I have only spoken to other parents going through the same with their child who is housebound or bedbound. As they are the ones who truly understand.

While you mourn the what should be, just take time for those around you going through what we go through day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

An ME Mum

End Of An Era

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  1. Much love to you and your daughter, having Fibromyalgia and other chronic health issues, I can empathise with you both on how hard it is to watch others doing things you won’t get the chance to. At the same time my daughter is in year 6 and heartbroken she is not going to get to do the end of year things she has seen other years do.

    1. I do sympathise and understand, but these are the people who just stopped asking and caring, it has been getting to me for a while now though

  2. It’s difficult for those not going through something similar to get what you are going through. It is also hard to see what kids generally get up to and for you and your daughter to know that won’t be happening for her. Sending hugs x

    1. Thank you, it has just been hard hearing all the upset from her old school friends and others in the same year when not once has anyone realised this has been our lives for nearly 5 years

  3. My mummy lives in isolation when she’s poorly and it often goes on for weeks at a time (with no friends checking on her either), lots of people have been complaining of self isolation and it is really hard. Might make people more empathetic to what others go through behind closed doors x

    1. People need to start isolating themselves my daughter is ill and it could make her very ill and I also have my parents who are in the at risk categorie as well. People need to stop being selfish and isolate it will go on much longer if they dont

  4. This is such a heartbreaking time and many can’t comprehend what is happening. A lot of young ones are so upset that school is coming to an end so early and they are missing out on so many things. I just hope this will end sooner than we anticipate

    1. I know and I really do feel for them, but this is what we have been living with for years since my Daughter became ill so it is normal for us to face the upset

  5. It is certainly a wake-up call for everyone. My son is a year 11 too and we took him out of school earlier in the week, not knowing, that would be it for him. Thankfully he is processing it all well. Mich x

  6. It’s an unsettling time for everyone at the moment, milestones that children and parents thought that they would experience taken away.

  7. It must be so disappointing, I know I was upset when Kian didn’t want to go to his prom, but there will be other times to celebrate

  8. It’s such a difficult time, I really feel for the Y11 and 13’s such a shame for them. I just hope that when things calm down they can really celebrate.

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