Pyjamas Factory Review

Pyjamas Factory Review

In my house one thing we love nothing more than fresh clean pyjamas is brand new pyjamas.  So when I was contacted by Pyjama Factory to see if i would like to review their pyjamas I had to say yes. I was offered three pairs, in return for an honest review, which I was happy to do. Read on to find out about my Pyjamas Factory Review

I am always wary of buying pyjamas online. As quite often I am disappointed with the quality or fit of them. And also once washed they are either misshapen and just do not feel as comfortable as they should do.

With all this in mind I ordered three pairs. A pair for myself, a pair for my husband and a pair for my daughter. So that we could all review and give our opinion on them.

My Husbands


For my husband I chose batman pyjamas, he had no idea which I had ordered him.  I chose these as this is a joke between us and knew they would make him laugh.

On arrival we were very impressed with the quality of them, they fitted great, and were comfortable to wear, on washing they kept their shape and the colour did not wash out.

You can purchase the Batman Pyjamas for £15.99.

My Daughters

me to you


For my Daughter I chose Me To You Tatty Teddy Pyjamas, as many of you know she has a chronic illness and is bedbound, so pyjamas are her daily wear.  So finding good quality pyjamas that are also comfortable and wash well is very important to me.  Although at the moment she is wearing fleece pyjamas she did try these and loved them, they were perfect size.  They washed up great and she has worn them a few times since as well.

You can purchase the Me To You Tatty Teddy Pyjamas for £12.99

For Me


For me I chose Worlds Best Mum Long Cotton Pyjamas, I do love this style of pyjamas especially the bottoms, but have been disappointed so many times before from other brands.  I knew that I coud give an honest opinion on how I really felt about the quality.  The fit was perfect and they are so comfortable, when wearing I never hurry to get dressed.  On washing I was so happy that they washed really well and they kept to the standard from when I first wore them.

You can purchase the Worlds Best Mum long Cotton Pyjamas for £12.99

I can honestly say I am very impressed with the quality of the pyjamas that I will be ordering again, especially for C as she needs pyjamas that are comfortable and wash well.

They went down very well with all of us, especially C who is struggling at the moment.

I am not the only one talking about pyjamas Emma from Fashion Mommy, is talking about her favourite pyjamas too.



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  1. My mum loves those Me To You bears, I always have to buy her cards with them on! I too am a PJ girl, being snuggly is the best thing about getting into your own home, you lot sound like my type of family.

  2. Each Sunday, for like a half a day or maybe the entire day if is raining I am wearing only pajamas, I love days in pajamas 🙂

  3. how cute is that! I love staying in pajamas all day when I have my rare lazy days off which means a proper pj is a big deal to me. Great place to look for a new one!

  4. Wow! Those pajamas are so beautiful. Your review for this pajamas factory is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing about them here.

  5. I need some new PJ’s for this time of the year as it’s so cold at the moment The batman ones are right up my street x

    1. They really are lovely pj’s my Husband sits there saying I’m Batman in a Batman voice so seemed the appropriate pair to get for him x

  6. Awesome line of pyjamas clothing factory brand, I love the design you’ve feature on this post. Especially for the husband, who doesn’t love Batman? Hope I can get one of this.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, which was why I was intrigued to try these pyjamas, but honestly they are the best I have tried in a long time x

  7. I love the design of the pajamas. It looks amazing. I would love to try them sometime soon. It’s good for gifting too.

  8. Pyjamas area becoming a thing again! I saw many store selling them both in cotton and silk 😀
    These are very thoughtful gift ideas 😀

  9. Working from home i literally live in my PJs. Hate when they fade fast so would definitely love to check Payjamas Factory.

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