Actif Pets Flaxseed Oil for Dogs Review And Giveaway

Actif Pets Flaxseed Oil for Dogs Review And Giveaway

As you will know I have two dogs. Who have been helping me on my latest review, of Actif Pets Flaxseed Oil for dogs. Which is a must read for all you dog lovers out there. Read on fir my Actif Pets Flaxseed Oil for Dogs Review And Giveaway

My review team

My boys Max is an Alaskan Malamute (this is when he was younger) and Bear a German Shepherd the hardest dog to take a photo of.

Flaxseed Oil

I was interested to try the Flaxseed oil on both my dogs for different reasons. They both eat a good diet, although very different. But Max is getting older now and starting to stiffen up a bit. And Bear has allergies that makes him itchy.  So was intrigued to see if this oil would benefit one or both of them.

Actif Pets Flaxseed Oil for Dogs, claims to be rich in Omega 3,6 and 9 for dry, itchy skin/coat, and a natural dog supplement for stiff bones, joints and hips. Both of which I could monitor on my boys.  On reading more about the oil before I started using it I read

  • flaxseed Oil has excellent health benefits as it helps to calm sensitive skin, reduce itching, excessive moulting and maintain a dog’s skin and coat condition.
  • Aids palatability of dry dog food and treats
  • Helps support the immune system and mobility
  • Is high in Omega 3& 6 which helps with brain development and supports the dogs joints and hips

I went onto Amazon and ordered the Flaxseed Oil,which arrived the next day and started to use it on my dogs.  You get a guide on how much to give your dog depending on size and to introduce slowly.

We have been using the oil for a week now, and already I have noticed improvements in both my dogs Max seems to be carrying on like he was a 6 month old puppy so has helped his stiffness. As for Bear we have not really noticed him itching.  But for me the real winner is the moulting which is a nightmare at the moment, especially as Mals have two coats.

Actif Pets Flaxseed Oil for Dogs Review And Giveaway

If you would like to try Flaxseed Oil on your dog, Actipets are giving 5 of my lucky readers the chance to win a bottle in my latest giveaway.  See below how to enter.  Or is available to buy on Amazon from £10.99

Actif Pets Flaxseed Oil for Dogs

Good luck x

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  1. I’ve a bearded collie that thinks she’s a bichon, a bichon who thinks she’s a beardie and a very sensible bichon who knows she is a bichon and thinks the other two are barny.

  2. I have a mad little mixed terrier, I love her to bits. She’s getting a bit older now and it would be good to see if this helps her mobility.

  3. 2 year old white and tan american bulldog x old tyme english bulldog and hes a real handsome little devil too with absolutely no black pigment in him – not on his paw pads, not even his pupils are black if you look close enough

  4. My Bonnie is a mixed breed, we rescued her 9 years ago when she was four and the vet said she’s a bit of everything!! She looks like a big sausage dog!

  5. I also have an Alaskan Malamute. His name is Nakoma. It means Great Warrior/Great Spirit, of which he is both. He’s 9 now, but sadly went blind at the young age of 6.
    Love the pics of your dogs-I’ve had Shepherds before Nakoma and they are both equally gorgeous breeds.

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