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Make Outdoors Family-Friendly For All

The current pandemic situation is forcing everyone off the streets. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend quality time outdoors. Homeowners who have a garden can source creating a family-friendly area that is safe for children, pets, wildlife, and of course, also enjoyable for adults! 

Why does it matter? For a start, spring has just started. Now is the best time to spend an afternoon clearing out the dried leaves and twigs from the winter and removing unwanted weeds. Gardeners know that the end of winter is the perfect moment to aerate the soil ready for bulbs and seeds. As such, lockdown or not, making your garden spring-ready is something you would have done in any circumstances. 

But, right now, for a lot of households, spending time in the garden is the best way of managing outdoor activities safely. While it doesn’t mean you can’t leave your home for a family walk, you can also enjoy some peace in your backyard.

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Let your kids play

Children are full of energy. Being stuck indoors for weeks without the chance to go out and play with their friends is hard. As such, you can head to the garden to give them a break from the lockdown. You can get some outdoor play equipment to keep children entertained, for instance. If you’ve got a small garden, you can enrol them into outdoors activities, such as washing the car or planting flowers. Under your supervision, they can have a safe play while feeling like they’re helping, which is a win-win! 

As the weather gets warm, you need to make sure the lawn is mowed and trimmed short to avoid any unwanted bug bites. 

Create a safe lounging area

The garden is not just a place to play. It is also a place to relax. Therefore, if you haven’t already, now’s the time to order your outdoor furniture to create a relaxing area. Nothing beats comfy chairs in front of a fire pit! If you’re in the mood, you can even try grilling some marshmallows on a skewer and pretend you’re out camping! As you’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden in the next few weeks, you should consider the addition of a high bay light for the evening, such as here Ideally, you want a private area that is shielded from view, using a tall fence or the vegetation in your backyard. 

Felix and Rex have a say too

Pet owners know that making the garden safe for the family also means using non-toxic plants. Dogs and cats like to nibble on sweet-scented plants, as such, it’s a good idea to avoid flowers and bushes that could be problematic. You can find a list of those on Another good idea is to create fun paths and hiding spots for your pets using different textures and ornamental bushes so that they can play outside. Try to focus on robust vegetation that can withstand the most boisterous behaviours from your pet! 

The lockdown is putting the garden back into your focus. As a result, it’s important to design an outdoor area that is enjoyable and safe for the whole family. While it might mean changing your gardening plans a little, it can be a fantastic addition to your household.

Make Outdoors Family-Friendly For All

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