Getting The Most Out Of Outdoor Play

Being a parent I have always been very aware of my children being outside having fun. No matter what age your child is getting outside and having fun is great fun.  Which is why we are talking about getting the most out of outdoor play.  Especially now while we are all on lockdown.

Head Out Into The Garden

Whether you have babies or your children are older getting outside and letting off some energy is what they need.  Don’t forget if they were in school, they would have breaks and PE.

The Younger Ones

For the babies put a blanket down and put a few toys out for them to play with, let them learn to enjoy outside play as they start to grow up and start to explore and play more. They can laugh at their older siblings so they become aware of their surroundings.

Outdoor Play


Get some outdoor play equipment, when ours were younger we had swings, a slide, a trampoline and a play house.  They all used to love being outside playing on these. Although there were the usual sibling arguments when one wanted to go on what the other was playing on at the time. If you have a garden it really is a great way to let your children go outside and have fun.

Let Their Imaginations Go Wild

Let them just go outside and use their imaginations, my Daughter used to love her little car and would clean it like Daddy used to clean ours.  Or in the warmer weather a hose pipe (obviously limited play) can give some great fun and laughs.

All mine have loved doing this, we are lucky to have trees in our garden, and if we were not outside, my Daughter would get a garden chair to help her up and stand on it to pretend she was climbing the tree.

Get Them Helping

Why not get them helping, mine used to love helping Daddy clean the car.  Make the most of it while they want to help as they soon grow out of it.

Help With The Garden

why not get them helping you with the garden, they can plant some seeds and watch them grow, or help with the weeding.  Why not grow some vegetables that they can grow and then have for dinner.

Out And About

How about a walk in the woods, it is amazing how much fun this can be. Apart from doing something as a family you can also

  • Look for different leaves
  • We used to love the Gruffalo so we would look for the Gruffalo and the other animals
  • See what animals we can spot ie squirrels

Put on The Wellies

There is also always a muddy puddle or two to splash and have fun in, a walk in the woods would not be the same without a muddy puddle.

If You Do Not Have A Garden

I know at the moment it is difficult to go out and play, as playgrounds and schools are closed.  Get some chalk and draw on paths, or hand painting where it will not get all over your floors.

What have you been doing to get outside?




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  1. It’s important for kids to get outside as much as possible. MIne love to help my dad in his garden, obviously not at the moment. For now, they have a shared garden that they can use when I can take them.

    1. Childen thrive on being outside having fun, I was always very keen for mine to be outside which luckily 2 out of 3 of them loved, the 3rd got made to go out x

  2. It must be so tough at the moment, especially for any families who don’t have a garden to make sure that kids get enough outdoor play x

    1. It is tough, I know a few people who do not have gardens and are really struggling with getting outside with their kids

    1. I totally agree, if they were in school they would have break time, getting out in the fresh air is just as important as learning x

    1. Getting outside is so important, and getting the kids interested in gardening and growing is great fun for the whole family

  3. Before we bought this house, we almost bought one with almost no garden. I had a bad feeling about it so we didn’t go ahead with it. I am so glad we bought this house instead. The garden has been my sanity saver in this strange time!

  4. Great post, my two are 5 and 10 and love being outside! I swear outdoor play wears them out more than anything else too. I find when kids are outside if you leave them to it a little they come up with some amazing imaginative games and fun!

  5. I totally agree, kids do have breaks and PE. Ever since the lockdown, it’s been getting harder to just stay inside. My siblings are too old to “play” outside now and let their imagination run wild but it’s always nice to enjoy the sun and play some games too.

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