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6 Things you can do to care for your garden in the summer

During the summer months, the weather is hot. Just as we humans need to stay hydrated during the hot season, plants need that too. Taking care of your plants during this season is important unless you want them to die. Summer presents a time for growth and regeneration. If not well taken care of, the plants and flowers will wither or dry up. Here are six things you can do to care for your garden in the summer: here are 6 Things you can do to care for your garden in the summer

6 Things you can do to care for your garden in the summer

1) Shield Plants from Strong Winds.

A drywall is one of the best mediums that can be used in creating a wind barrier. A drywall sander will come in handy during installation of the drywall. However, each type of drywall calls for a specialized type of sander. Be sure to check out credible resource platforms like Contractor Culture to learn more about the different types of drywall sanders available and choose that which best suits your needs. Strong winds tend to dry the soil, the plants, and mulch. The wall will help prevent strong winds. This provides a cooler environment for the plants.


2) Water Your Garden Regularly.

Water is one of the important things a plant needs to grow. With hot summers, your garden should be watered often and deeply. Plants will need more water during this time. Using irrigation hoses will be effective as it saves water and prevents evaporation. The hose has small holes that drip water into the soil. Place the hose on top of the soil but below the mulch. Watering early in the morning or in the evenings will be effective.

3) Mulching.

Mulching is the use of plant or organic materials like leaves, shredded wood, and animal manure to cover the soil. Sawdust and grass are great too. When these materials decompose, they help in soil culture. Mulching helps protect the soil from the harsh sun rays. It helps in soil moisture conservation and ensures slow weed growth. It also boosts soil fertility, making your plants grow healthy. Soil temperatures can also be regulated through mulching.


4) Choose The Best Plants For Summer.

Different plants and flowers can do well during the summer. Some examples include blanket flower, marigold flower, green beans, melons, cucumbers among others. Seasonal plants are best during summer. These plants and flowers will thrive well in hot seasons. They don’t require too much moisture.

5) Control Weeds.

Weeds can suck up extra moisture from your plants.  Weeds should be kept at bay to help the soil retain moisture. This helps in conserving water for your plants. Weeds can be controlled through mulching, which is a better alternative to using herbicides.

6) Pruning.

Proper pruning of your plants should be done. This promotes better flowering and encourages more fruit buds. It also helps avoid diseases.

Despite the summer heat, your plants and flowers can still do well through proper care. Summer season could turn out to be the best planting season with appropriate management and preparation.

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  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
    12th February 2019 at 9:41 am

    We’re hoping to focus on the garden this summer, it’s been quite neglected over the autumn and winter

    • admin
      12th February 2019 at 9:56 am

      Ours has as well, so needs some maintenance doing on it x


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