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4 House Plants Anyone Can Grow

Having plants in the house is a win-win, but who can keep them alive long enough to enjoy any of the benefits? Well, here are 4 house plants that you wouldn’t kill! They are all very low-maintenance and easy to maintain. Most don’t even require daily upkeep.  

English Ivy

english ivy

This long, vine encompassing plant produces long strands of leaves that look perfect in any household.  It’s a favorite of realtors as well.  It doesn’t matter if you have Atlanta houses for sale or Portland houses for sale, ivy can help set the stage.

It can look beautiful hanging from baskets, sitting as a potted plant, or in any other indoor place. Can be grown to any specification, long and ever-growing or short and well kept. Either form of taking care of the plant is entirely up to the gardener.

 Deciding your plant up-keep may be the hardest part of maintaining the plant, as it is straightforward to take care of in a few simple steps.

  1. The key to growing ivy indoors is sunlight. Ivy is an ever-growing plant that requires light. 
  2. It does prefer to remain on the dry-side; that means prior to watering, check, and make sure the soil is dry before adding any more water. 
  3. Additionally, ensure the plant has enough drainage in the planter and is not continually kept sitting in water.

Chinese Evergreen

chinese evergreen

The name may suit the plant very well, as even without water for 2 to 3 weeks, it will still grow and be evergreen. This plant requires little sunlight or regular watering. Making it the perfect plant if you have little time or effort to offer a new plant.

They have luscious leaves that are native to the tropical regions of Asian and New Guinea, making them the perfect pop of green to add in your home!  

Barrel Head Cactus

barrel head cactus

Like any cactus, these too do not require much water. Cacti are becoming more and more popular among millennials because they are so easy to take care of, and they add a simplistic yet exotic look in your home. 

They are straightforward to maintain, requiring once a week watering in the summer months, and lots of sunlight. Because they are native to a hot and dry climate during winter months, they need less water, only about once every 2 to 3 months. These plants can grow for over 100 years with the right amount of  care and watering.

Aloe Vera Plant

aloe vera

 This plant is easy to maintain, with regular sunlight and watering. Although easy and simple to maintain, it has all sorts of hidden benefits inside, as it can grow to produce Aloe Vera extract that is used as a healing ointment on the body.

 Cut open; it reveals a slimy and wet texture inside that relieves burns and other bodily pains. With a decent amount of sunlight and dry soil. Water weekly or bi-weekly for best results. 


Without a doubt, there are some surprising benefits that can come from growing house plants. Plants are known to boost mood, productivity, and creativity.

The best part? House plants not only look nice and add a simple outdoor touch, but they also have some surprising benefits to your health.


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