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Confidence Boosters

During the teenage years, it is often the case that we don’t have the confidence that we should. We spend those years on growing these amazing bodies – but often not apprecaiting them. 

And then over time having babies, illnesses, accidents and other life events will change your body into something beautiful that we don’t recognise. Self-acceptance and love are not always the easiest thing to cultivate.

So when it comes to confidence-boosting tips, it doesn’t take much, but there should be some good habits built into your daily or weekly routine that make you feel great.

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Learn You

We can get so swept up and take care of everyone else, big life events, drama, that we forget to touch base with ourselves every now and again. We lose track of who we are so quickly and sometimes we don’t even notice that it happens. 

Think about how you have been spending your time and then try and focus on all the times that you’ve spent on yourself. The chances are that isn’t too much of that. 

So get a notepad and start writing about the dreams that you have for yourself. You don’t have to cover individual aspects just to see what comes to the surface.

Having a strong sense of self are some of the best things to help you improve your self-esteem, and confidence. Start learning here who are again.


Have a quick look inside your makeup bag. Pay close attention to all of the use-by dates in there. Now is the perfect time to throw things away that are beyond its best. Skincare and makeup products do you have a clear months indicator on the bottom corner from. This month indicator is from the moment that is open as to when it should be thrown out. If it’s possible, give yourself a budget and head to your local department store for some new goodies. 

Head to one of your favourite beauty counters and tell them what you are hoping to achieve. Be clear and tell them if you want to have ultra glam, nudes, or bright and bold colours. Have an idea of what it is that you think will make you feel great.

Don’t be scared to try something like a new haircut, some different nails, or getting your eyebrows done.


Sometimes all we need is a simple accessory. A new bag that we absolutely adore and goes with everything we were. Some brand-new round glasses frames that really show off your eye makeup. Or it could be a new pair of shoes, and they’re so comfortable then you can wear them with anything. Sometimes it is the smallest things that make a big difference.

Something that is very important is making sure that you are hydrated enough, so love yourself enough to have the right amount of water every day. And make sure you are getting enough sleep too. When you’re tired, your mood can dip, and it can become difficult to concentrate. And then you can feel bad about those things, get less sleep, and the cycle continues. So try something like Headspace to help you relax.

So there are just a few simple things to get you on the path to a more confident you. Sure they are mostly outside things, but sometimes when we look great, we feel great. 


Confidence Boosters

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