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Locks In Goodness Review and Giveaway

This is a post any parent will not want to miss, as we are talking about Locks In Goodness hair care products. Plus offering you a chance to win these products for yourself to try.

Who Are Locks In Goodness

Locks In Goodness are a children’s hair care products brand. Their products offer natural ingredients with no impurities. Plus the packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

About The Products

Hair Smoothie – Detangle & Smooth

hair smoothie

hair smoothie – £10.95

The Locks in goodness Natural Hair Smoothie is every parents dream product. With a blend of organic aloe leaf juice, shea butter and 100% plant-based product.  Infused with hair loving oils argan, coconut, avocado and jojoba.

Wash hair as normal and apply to wet hair, and comb out any tangles and knots, to leave hair smooth and detangled.

Directions for use:
Using a small amount, the Hair Smoothie can be applied to wet hair after your usual hair wash routine. Concentrate on the end and knotty bits. Comb through for wonderfully smooth, tamed locked. Style as usual or leave to dry for a natural look.

Hair Gel – Spike, Shape and Fix

hair getl

Hair Gel – £10.95

The Locks in Goodness Natural Hair Gel does exactly as it says on the tube, with the benefit of using natural ingredients which are not harsh on your child’s hair. With organic aloe leaf juice, and shea butter and oils, which will also nourish the hair. Use to style on wet hair.

My Opinion

Tangled hair is something that is a nightmare in our house, especially since C became ill.  Due to lying down a lot her hair becomes tangled, and with her head being bad all the time, detangling is a nightmare.  I decided to try on my hair first, without putting her through the stress.  My hair is not tangled but if not conditioned when washed is dry and hard to brush.  I applied a small amount and it was amazing my hair felt soft and smooth and was easy to style.

Armed with this I went to tackle C’s hair which had got tangled, after she washed her hair I applied the hair smoothie and gently combed through the tangled mess.  She did not complain once and took hardly anytime to get her hair smooth again, unlike many other products and ingredients I have tried previously.

The Hair Gel did what it said on the tube, without leaving that hard layer others leave and was easy to comb out.

I was very impressed with both of the products.  I am also happy to tell you that I can offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win both of these products plus I have a discount code which will give you a 10% discount and free delivery on your order, head over to Locks in Goodness website and enter code LIG10 at the checkout.

The Giveaway

If you would you like the opportunity to try these products yourself, see below how to enter my giveaway

The Locks in Goodness Giveaway #2

Good Luck

Locks In Goodness Review and Giveaway



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